Locations where card doesn't work

Well, it seems that Monzo card doesn’t work at Morrisons or Alliance

Try emailing acceptance@monzo.com with any details and they can investigate :+1:

There’s an ongoing thread about acceptance issues here:


It definitely works at Morrison’s


Never had a problem at Morrisons stores but there use to issues at Morrisons pay at pump :fuelpump:

Hmmm… Maybe it’s just Morrisons Daily locations, or maybe it’s just Morrisons here (Jersey).

Thanks for the heads-up

Morrison’s Jersey is a franchise. Does Monzo work at any other shops they own? http://www.sandpiperci.com

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It’s a Mastercard. I’m pretty sure shops don’t get to choose which banks they do or don’t accept, even in the Channel Islands.

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Monzo is online preferring but will do offline if that’s the only option.


Hmmm… Maybe that’s why. I’ll have to try the Sandpiper list of stores to see if it’s the same at all of them.