Lloyds Savings Account doesn't work

Found this, but it’s closed: External Account Integration: Which Savings Accounts work?.

Lloyds savings account is not visible in the Monzo app, but the current account is…

Any known issue?

I think standard saving accounts are visible for Lloyds, but fixed & regular saver accounts are not. What is visible isn’t controlled by Monzo, but by the 3rd party bank and what they make available on their API.

What type of saving account are you wanting to connect?

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It’s a Club Lloyds Monthly Saver so I guess that’s where the issue is (you mention ‘regular’ saver accounts).

So I guess I speak to Lloyds about making this available…

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Indeed, that’s a fixed interest regular saving account which is why it’s excluded. I don’t think there’s a technical reason why they couldn’t include these, but open banking regulations don’t compel then to

Fair enough. Thanks Chris.