Savings accounts on connected accounts

I’m just wondering if anyone who has Plus knows of you can see both current and savings accounts for Nationwide at all. I would like to know if this is possible on the Plus version on Monzo account?
If not is it just current accounts only?

NatWest doesn’t provide data from its savings accounts into Open Banking, I’m afraid, so you won’t be able to view them in any connected app.

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Is that the same for Nationwide?

Nationwide is current accounts and credit cards only, it seems. :pensive:

Edit: here is what Monzo can connect to:

NatWest is a tricky one: Monzo says it includes savings, but some folk can’t connect them. I think it depends whether you can make payments from them, in which case they’re in scope, otherwise you can’t connect.


Spot on re NatWest. I checked with them and it’s only savings with payments option. It’s a shame but maybe in the future.

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Hi I connected my barclays and I can see all my accounts on there hope this helps

I have premium and can only see current account & credit card not the savings account with Nationwide.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess its a Nationwide issue then. Shame as that’s were some of my savings are locked away so would have been good to see them all in one place in Monzo

It’s a shame the scope of the Open Banking system was so restricted, I’d love to be able to see my NatWest savings and my mortgage and pensions all in one place and updated automatically (be that Monzo or an aggregator).

Just have to hope that this changes in the future, but the pace of change is glacial in the financial sector, it seems…

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You put that perfectly @tbutz they are rather tardy

Is there ever a plan to be able to see a mortgage/pension within open banking?

Yes is the answer to that, not so long ago I read a few articles where they’re looking at bringing open banking to other products. I think that’s one for the open banking standards people whoever they are, to get it baked into these products.

Edit - until that’s done I’m assuming Monzo won’t ever look at it