External Account Integration: Which Savings Accounts work?

Based on this topic, External Account Integration: NatWest Savings accounts, currently the majority of NatWest savings accounts do not work with Open Banking.

I wondered, what savings accounts from the external accounts list for Monzo Plus actually work?

If anyone has successfully incorporated a savings account, would be great to know.

I had a couple of Santander savings accounts I don’t use anymore synced. But not the one I do use :frowning:

Thanks @Anarchist. Did these savings accounts have specific names? i.e “Instant Saver” etc.

I’m almost tempted to open a bunch of accounts with NatWest just to see what gets brought in, if not for the sheer amount of admin needed to get rid of them!!

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Bank Savings account support?
Bank of Scotland IASA account - yes
First Direct
Halifax Kids savers: yes, kids regular saver, standard regular saver: no, everyday saver: yes (I think - haven’t used in a while, so someone else confirm!)
HSBC Instant access saver: Yes; Regular saver: No
Lloyds Kids saver: yes, regular saver: no
Nationwide No
Natwest Only one: Primary Savings
RBS Mixed - some supported some not
Santander Some (Everyday Saver). Monthly saver not supported

The ones that worked were both called Everyday Saver, the one that didn’t was a Monthly Saver.

One difference between them is that the Everyday Saver has a sort code and account number, the Monthly Saver doesn’t.

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@tbutz Unfortunately NatWest only has one savings account which works “Primary Savings”, as clarified in this topic: External Account Integration: NatWest Savings accounts

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Ah yes, sorry I glossed past that. How irritating for us NatWest account holders.

Ironically, kids savings accounts seem to be generally supported, presumably because they have to stay open even if you close all your own payment accounts

HSBC Regular Saver isnt working.

Support seems completely random :sweat_smile:

Yeah :sweat_smile:, seems like the ones that are available are generally the “instant” type savings account which unfortunately are pretty dire interest rates.

@BenLeo where does Monzo list RBS savings as being supported?

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Thanks - Hadn’t realized Monzo provided in-app info on which account types are supported.
Maybe certain RBS savings accounts which you don’t have are supported.

I’m very happen to be proven wrong on RBS savings not working, for what it’s worth. It’s a very old savings account that has had 0 balance for several years, so there’s any number of reasons it might not be working.

It looks like several people have successfully linked an RBS savings account. I can see the name “primary savings account” in the logs; perhapsthat’s the name of a particular product they offer!


Fair enough, I’ll remove the wiki entry, as it was only based on my experience :+1:

Maybe so, but that PDF you shared shows only two personal savings accounts for NW (NatWest) of which one was “Primary Savings” as mentioned above

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