Savings with open banking

Who provides savings accounts with openbanking access to view balance/transactions?

Every bank shows their own savings accounts, but who exports them over open banking?

Are Monzo savings pots visible over open banking? Anybody else?

So far nothing I connected in Monzo shows any savings accounts for me.

None I believe. For some reason savings accounts aren’t part of open banking framework. Hopefully that will change at some point.


They are. As are Starling goals.

While banks aren’t obliged to expose pure savings accounts some do. I think Halifax does / did, but HSBC and Nationwide don’t, for example.

HSBC do for Flexible Saver but not for Regular Saver (or at least did a couple of years ago).

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Same for Santander.

I think the rule is that if a savings account can be used to send money directly to more than one external account (i.e. more than a single linked current account) it’s classed as a payment account for open banking purposes, and therefore within the scope of open banking. Or something like that. Which is why major banks do make some savings accounts available but not others.

Monzo only make pot balances available, and not the pot transaction feed. Do Starling make goal transactions available?

See, Revolut didn’t include Starling spaces to their open banking, but did include all my Monzo pots which I’d have preferred the other way around, as I couldn’t opt out of seeing them either by open banking.

How does that work… Do they put a claim in for the account types they want? (If you know :innocent: )

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I’m not too sure, spaces and pots are handled differently between Starling and Monzo respectively.

Spaces take payments from spaces and will decline if not enough available, pots move money to your main account for the payment to be made, and take from your main balance if not enough in the pot.