First Direct Transfer Issues

We’ve just had an odd problem with First Direct transfers to Monzo. My dad was sending us £300 and tried to send to our Joint Monzo. No luck - FD would not accept the sort code/account number as valid despite us checking repeatedly. So, we tried to my solo Monzo account. Same problem. In the end we sent to my husband’s legacy Natwest account (no problems) then transferred from there over to our joint Monzo. So a faff about but got there in the end. Now, thankfully we do have an old dormant legacy account otherwise we’d have been a bit scuppered on this. My dad’s contacting FD to flag the issue too, but it seemed to be solely resolving around the sort code/account for Monzo not being recognised as valid.

Sounds like FD need to update their database to show Monzo’s sort code/account number as being valid.

As you’ve discovered other banks don’t have an issue with transfers to your Monzo account just FD.

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That’s what I suspected, we’ve contacted both Monzo (I messaged in app) and FD so hopefully it will be resolved. Just glad we had that old account lingering!

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I’ve transferred money to Monzo from First Direct many times without a problem. For over two years.


I’ve been transferring money from FD to Monso several times a month for years now. So whatever it is, it’s not their sort code database that’s at fault.

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As above. I was doing this when the Monzo current account was still experimental so I doubt it’s just an outdated database issue.

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As above, I regularly transfer from FD to Monzo without issue.

Then there is something amiss then of other can transfer without any issues, @CaraM Did you definateley put the correct sort code & account number in? As other using FD are reporting no issues.

It’s quite an easy (and common) mistake to transpose some of the digits in the sort code.

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Definitely correct sort code and account number (double checked and then tried sending to my Monzo solo account as well). Hopefully FD will know why, only other thing I can think of is Monzo was a new payee whereas the NatWest was an existing payee on system.

What was the error message FD showed?

Just chiming in with both me and partner have regularly transferred amounts from FD with no issues up until last month when my partner switched away.

Mighy be best to give FD a call, after all customer service is about all they’re good at.

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Agree I send money every week or two from First Direct and transfer never failed

I know you said you’ve triple checked, but it might be worthwhile quadruple checking that the sort code was entered as 04-00-04 and not 04-00-40 or something similar, which is surprisingly easy to do and not so easy to spot when you have done it :slight_smile:

Otherwise, do let us know what FD say. I’m curious…

I’m curious too - I have a pretty much empty account with First Direct for emergencies (hence having not transferred anything in a while).