Void payment money taken need help

I went to my local sainsburys and wheb paying the payment came up as void, I got the receipt to prove and tried again, it went through, but then it came up on my phone both payments had come out. The manager at Sainsburys said not to worry it would go back into my account overnight, but it’s been 4 days as hasnt yet and I really need the money. I’ve been bank to Sainsburys but they said as the transaction is void they can’t help. I’ve tried on monzo app but it keeps saying I have to wait 8 days and the merchant will put it back, Sainsburys say I’d of had it by now. I just need the money what can I do?? Thank you

You have to wait for it to come back when the hold on the money “drops off”

Or contact Monzo and provide an image of the void receipt? This might allow them to release it earlier.
It’s worth a go :+1:

So you still think it will refund? Sainsburys said I would of had it by now?

It won’t refund as it hasn’t actually gone.

Sainsburys request the money
Monzo put that money aside
Usually in a day or so Sainsburys would collect it
Job done

But as step 3 hasn’t happened, Monzo waits and then gives it back to you, this is where you have the difference with available spends with some banks.

I don’t think the flow options allow anything else than to wait.

You could go via support the old fashioned away (search contact in the help section) and see if you have any luck.

The person you spoke to in store didn’t understand how the banking system works. Just because a terminal in store says it’s being reversed doesn’t mean it happens overnight. This is why the help articles state how many days as that’s the maximum amount of time it can take.

Overnight crediting back would be a minor miracle but alas the banking system isn’t that fast in this regard.


Brilliant thank you was worried Sainsburys were holding my money. As long s I get it bakx soon. Just didn’t want to wait a week, then raise a complaint and be told I have to wait weeks for them to investigate. Really appreciate you all helping me

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Different banks hold on to pending payments for different lengths of time, some like Virgin money reverse after just 2 days others like Monzo I think about 7 days & Starling do not realise funds back for 30 days

Now you may think oh Virgin only 2 days but I found when i was with them a shop could take longer to collect then that would leave you in a situation of the bank showing as if you had more money availabe and then over spend.

I’ve been in this situation with Superdrug before. I contacted Starling and provided proof that they weren’t going to collect the funds (in my case it was a chat transcript, in yours it would be the void receipt) and within a few hours a manager from Starling had emailed me and returned the funds. Maybe give that a go with Monzo?