‘Live’ chat response times

In the early beta days in app chat was just that, live chat. Monzo keep talking about great customer service. Recently they’ve been recruiting COps, and the status page now shows live chat is green - no issues.
So I’m wondering what the target response times are. I sent a boring message this morning about my standing orders and didn’t mark it urgent. It’s been 12 hours since I sent it, no reply.
I’m not saying that’s bad- it’s not urgent, but it is very different to my earlier experience. What do people think we should be expecting and when does it need to stop marketing itself as a chat and start using the less immediate ‘send us a secure message’ type language?


Monzo is hiring COps rapidly at the moment, in fact they have they have 5 interview dates scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

The response times are a bit slow at the moment, but you will always get a reply, and in the meantime the hiring team is working as hard as possible to get the best COps employed, and trained up as quick as possible.

Response times should be lower within the next couple of months once these new COps have been trained up!

Remember though; urgent requests are always prioritised and tend to get a response within 10 minutes.


I’ve never interpreted it as “live chat”.

You send a message and wait for an agent to pick it up and reply. This is convenient for me because I have better things to be doing than sitting staring at my screen. This certainly beats being stuck in a call centre queue too!

That being said, 12 hours is a long time and Monzo have acknowledged this. They haven’t updated us on how they are doing with getting their new recruits through training but hopefully they aren’t far off now :slight_smile:


Based on my own expereience at the past interviews i’ve been too, I was told that they have set start dates for new recruits on an almost fortnightly basis, so I am assuming that they’ve already got a good few already trained up since the last forum post regarding the slow response times. However, because they’re growing so rapidly I guess it’s just not enough yet to make a huge difference, hence why they have so many recruitment days coming up!

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24 hours and 20 minutes last week for me. Once I’d had the first reply there was only a few a few minutes between subsequent replies


Back in August I had an issue with my card and the whole thing was resolved in the time it took to have a coffee in a very nice cafe. Recently, like others are saying it’s about a day to get back to you :unamused:

I’ve been waiting 36 hours now. Also the new chat format has no time stamps or estimations in response times. Also lost history of all previous issues which is annoying. Seems a lot more rough and ready than the intercom integration they had.


When I joined monzo few months ago, if there was any question or help that I needed the online chat would usually reply back to me within min or if not couple of hr…
13hr now and still no one has got back to me now…
Any one else notice a slow down?

On the status page it does say ‘live chat’ and when you press the button on the help screen it says ‘chat with a real human’. I’m not unhappy with the service in particular (although I feel it used to be best in class and now it’s pretty average), but I like to know what to expect. At the moment it’s not as transparent as we’re used to from Monzo. Perhaps something that says ‘we aim to answer urgent tickets in 30mins or quicker and non-urgent tickets within 72hrs’ would be helpful. There must be some criteria because the live chat status was not green and now it is!


I wasn’t saying that you’re wrong for assuming this, maybe I am wrong? I agree entirely that the response times are very poor compared to what they used to be.

It is also worth baring in mind that some people have the newer chat system (they are currently trialling it to a select few) and I think there may also be differences between IOS and Android because I don’t see ‘live chat’ anywhere :slight_smile: Not that this is particularly important since it is the response time that is the issue here.

I think @Mrberry was referring to monzo.statuspage.io which refers to “Live Chat.

I can’t seem to find a link to that page from the Monzo app though, which seems strange.

Over 44 hr to get a response…
I might be looking for another account…
It’s not the same monzo I knew before I joined…


Ye they need to sort this asap. Back in the day I’d get a response within the hour.

Now they are taking 24+ to respond the ASIC questions. If they can’t sort this then perhaps don’t take on any more customers until they can recruit enough cops

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That’s unlikely to happen unfortunately. Monzo are rapidly hiring new COPs but it does seem they left it a bit late to do it and didn’t anticipate the rapid growth they’ve had.


I have noticed that the response time has slipped, and although they are growing rapidly, it does feel like something that could’ve easily been anticipated. My current wait time is about 29 hours so far for sure, not an urgent issue, but one that a standard bank would’ve sorted out within a working day.

Seems a shame that user experience with customer support is suffering as a result of this, as fast responses and instant fixes for most issues were a definite winner of Monzo in the beginning.

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