Lithuanian Emoji on topping up Binance account

As a cryptocurrency lover, I recently topped up my Binance account with my virtual Monzo card and noticed Lithuanian flag in Monzo notification (same flag in last 3 top ups) :grin:
I am Lithuanian native, but based in the UK :uk:

How did it happen for Monzo to show Lithuanian flag? :lithuania::roll_eyes:

Have you at any point told the Monzo app about Lithuania? Tax residency for example?

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Things like this happen for me if it thinks the place Iโ€™ve shopped at is in another country, and they donโ€™t have a more appropriate emoji. Itโ€™s more common when youโ€™re spending in the currency native to that country.

I bought candleโ€™s from my friendโ€™s new candle business in the US that she started as a creative escape from her engineering job, and I got the US Flag for that notification. I imagine if Monzo knew it was a candle business, theyโ€™d have used :candle: instead.


My tax residency, etc all UK :uk:
And the transaction was in GBP to UK based bank account :pound:

Only my ID (because of nationality) is Lithuanian :lithuania:

I wouldnโ€™t have thought your ID would influence things like this, so itโ€™s a weird one. Canโ€™t find any links between Binance and Lithuania either.

Iโ€™d love to learn more about how emojis are selected for the notifications. Some are good and make sense, but some can be so wildly off at times.


Maybe they know your weird obsession with them so you get extra sprinkled in.


I :raising_hand_woman: donโ€™t :no_good_woman: know :brain: what :question: you are :point_right: talking :lips: about :woman_shrugging:


Funny you call it like that :sweat_smile:

When last time you looked at Monzo T&Cs documents? :eyes::bookmark_tabs:
They are also full on emojies :blush::ok_hand::books:

You almost rescued the epic emoji fail there without noticeโ€ฆ until โ€˜takingโ€™โ€ฆ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That :point_down: is exactly :ok_hand: what :woman_shrugging: I was talking :lips::deaf_woman: about a month or so :full_moon: ago. Since the last :mantelpiece_clock: iOS update :iphone::arrows_counterclockwise:, the swipe to type keyboard :keyboard: has been unreliable :unamused:

Itโ€™s been working great :+1: until then :spiral_calendar:


I use Android smartphone :calling:, sweetheart :sparkling_heart:, so nothing do with me :sweat_smile:

Did you put your Lithuanian tax residency of address when opening the account with them a while ago, maybe binace have you as Lithuanian for some reason and processed the payment through their Lithuanian bank.

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All my details, apart ID, are UK related as I live in the UK :uk::blush:

Payment was made to UK based bank account too

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I was talking :lips: about the issue :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: of some of my words being autocorrected so my sentences make no sense anymore :exploding_head: when I mentioned iOS updates :iphone::arrows_counterclockwise:

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- in respect of transactions available (Bank Card, GBP deposit/withdraw), BINANCE UAB (registration number: 305595206) and having its registered office at DidzฬŒioji g. 18, Vilnius, Lithuania


A bit weird, because Lithuanian currently is Euro and nothing to do with GBP :thinking:

Apply some logic to what youโ€™ve just seen ๐Ÿคฆ :joy:

For payment purposes the transaction is taken by Binance in Lithuania. I get what you mean that itโ€™s GBP thatโ€™s been paid for. Iโ€™m guessing the symbol is generated based on where the payment orientated from regardless of the currency.

I seem to recall seeing that flag for my purchase today. Which matches up with the country of origin for the payment

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