Love the ☪️ on Monzo notifications

I presume this is for Eid? Happy Eid to anyone celebrating. :slight_smile:

Love that Monzo does things like this, it’s the little things. I need to go Full Monzo soon.


Well spotted - yes it is :grinning:


Is this for all purchases? I haven’t noticed it!

Not sure what the criteria is, didn’t show up for a similar transaction I made an hour earlier :thinking:

Ah I wondered! I got a refund from TFL today with the emoji. Wondered what it meant!

Eid Mubarak everyone :slight_smile:


That makes sense :slight_smile:, I was confused for a split second. Nice work monzo.


Just got one on my notification as well love it ^__^.

I don’t remember seeing a cross at Easter or a menorah for Hanukkah?

Whilst I think anything that makes people feel included is generally a good thing, I think this is completely bizarre for a bank. If the transaction in question was somehow related to celebrating Eid al-Fitr, then fair enough. Don’t add it to ALL transactions though! :roll_eyes:

Will there be emoji for every religious festival going forward?

Anyway, Eid Mubarak!


While I see you have a point but it’s a bit selective to mention Easter when I am sure you are well aware that over the Christmas whole app has snow and on Halloween notifications always show Halloween related emojis.

Why not say hope Monzo will consider Jewish and Christian celebrations as they have for Muslims.

Why? because it doesn’t go with ‘corporate’ image of term Bank somehow?

Thanks Anyway!


I wonder if Monzo will continue to implement this particular occasion -> emoji rule should they actually launch in America. Bet that would go down well with some folk :joy:

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Personally I dont think my bank should be mixing my finances with religion (notifications) or sexuality (pride icon etc) or anything else that is a matter of private personal choice. For clarification I am a religious person so I am not anti-religion but these things have their place and via my bank isnt it.


But then on the flip side, what about non religious people?

Edit: Should really point out… this is essentially opening a can of worms :wink:


The star and crescent is a well-known Islamic symbol. It’s hardly equivalent to showing snow at a Christmas!

I did mention Christian and Jewish symbols. Personally I don’t think Monzo (or any bank) should be bringing religion into the mix but, if they’re going to, then it’s only right that they represent ALL religions.


Correct and well summarised.


This weekend is the Jewish festival of Shavuot, so presumably Monzo notifications will reflect that too? :thinking:

Agreed with this. Wasn’t a big fan of the pride icon and in general not a fan of banks being anything other than completely neutral on individual’s private choices be it religion, politics or other.


Is another case of Monzo trying to Virtue Signal probably?
I personally believe that this is a dodgy road to tread between religious vs non religious etc and then what iconography to place etc. I think what would be better would an Opt-in to these types of symbols but also a blog post or two about why people celebrate Eid(Primarily Eid - al Fitr and Eid al-adha etc) and what it means to modern Muslims. by using an emoticon you could then start to have conversations through blog posts to educate people on facets of religion especially things surrounding money and debt(An extension of this would be modern issues, but that’s not for a bank to mandate). For example the cost of Eid al Fitr gifts(or even iftar and Calories)(By extension both of these are relevant to people in all religions and all walks of life.
Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating or anyone in general(It did remind me a little of home!:sob:)


Humanists society have a convention on the 21st of June… wonder if it’ll be represented.


Personally I dont think my bank should be mixing my finances with religion (notifications)

I do think it’s strange though how nobody questions any kind of Christmas celebration… I’m curious that if you think a bank isn’t an appropriate place to celebrate a religious celebration, then should we have Christmas trees in high street banks? Surely by that logic they should be banned too? And so then should Christmas decorations in shops? Surely that’s not appropriate either? It’s a shop, not a church!

(Just to be clear, I am very much an atheist myself, but I do love Christmas and Christmas decorations, lights etc. I’m questioning your stance, that not how I feel myself!)

or sexuality (pride icon etc) or anything else that is a matter of private personal choice

Few things there:

  1. The pride icon is entirely optional
  2. Many companies now celebrate pride, including most banks I think you will find!
  3. The entire point of pride is to make LGBT people feel included and welcomed and to fight prejudice. It shouldn’t be private, it’s certainly personal, it’s not a choice

(I am not LGBT myself, just have strong feelings on this)


I for one think its lovely. It reminded me to message my muslim best friend, who always gives me Christmas cards and I always forget about his festivals which makes me feel really selfish :woman_facepalming:t2:


I think it is just the ethos of Monzo and the internal atmosphere of those who work at Monzo bleeding out into the app - which I for one don’t mind, maybe having an option to turn it on/off would be wise?

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