Virtual Card - notes

Virtual cards are a brilliant idea, I’ve used all 5 of my allocation… but it occurred to me that I need to make a note of what cards I am using and where, to remind me of what services I have to change payment details for in the event of a breach. I’m wondering if a space could be added for each virtual card created to allow for notes of this kind to be added, so all the info is in the correct and same space.

I think it would also be good if you could tap on a card and it would show you the transactions with that card.

Then if you forget to update the list you don’t miss anyone.


Hi Chris & welcome :wave:

When Bills pots launched, this idea was touted for them too - how do you know how much to transfer into them? Someone came up with the genius idea of including it in the title - as in calling the Bills pot, example, “Bills (£540)”
That way, you could see using Salary Sorter how much to transfer into the pot because it was in its name.

Now that you can rename Virtual cards, you could do the same - name a card, example, “Charity donation (RSPCA)” - then you’d know where you had used the card as the service is in brackets.


Thanks David. Yes considered that already but it’s a bit of a hack as I currently have 11 different subscriptions for one of my cards, adding each one to the card name makes the name too long not only for the virtual card list but also in the transactions view.
I’m after a much cleaner and useful solution.


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