Spot the difference πŸ‘€



Overdraft dashing? Pole star feature? Adjusts to average balance?

Edit: it’s not the first, just looked at balance.

(Gareth) #3

Your pulse is practically a flat line?


(Jack) #4

It’s not an iPhone? :sweat_smile:

(Simon B) #5

I know what it is! :joy:

(Jack) #6

Have you had a new phone? Or got the new spending tab thing?


Not guessed so farrrrr

(Ian Lyon) #8

It’s very subtle. :eyes:

(Jack) #9

You have an overdraft enabled and have used it previously ?


The honey pot next to Coin Jar?


It doesn’t look out of place tbh

(Jack) #12

Oh yeah the little emojis in the feed items


Lol I thought that might be a normal android thing


All my pots have emojis.

(Adam Kendrew) #15

Summary instead of Spending :eyes:


coin jar accepts emojis now :honey_pot:

(Jack) #17

Apple Pay on android? (If it’s that unfair hint as we can’t see) :wink:


It’s not May so it’s not the pretty exciting thing


Good to see time has been spent on essentials and not trivial things like Apple Pay!


I could code it in minutes I’m not gonna lie