List of retailers who don’t impose a £30 limit on transactions

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I have no idea which cities everybody is in but I’m so sure I’ve used contactless in both b&q and Curry’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll be sure to update this if I got that wrong :joy:

GBK do as I found out when I realised I had forgotten my wallet…

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I asked Next why that was and apparently their systems are so old they can’t deal with it, even if the terminals could

I have no patience for retailers that can’t be bothered to update their terminals.

Some potential good news on the horizon anyhow, I heard on the grapevine that VISA/Mastercard/EU have/will set a deadline for retailers to update their terminals. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific because this is just from memory.

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In January I paid about £450 with Android Pay for my car MOT/service at an independent garage in South London.

I actually praised them for this. Some major retailers still not willing to move in to brave new world of 21St century FinTech.


Almost everywhere. Tesco and Primark are the only ones I can think of with an absolute £30 contactless limit that I’ve ran into off the top of my head.

I guess the larger the tank, the harder it is to change direction. Hopefully will come in good time.

The stores on the Apple Pay UK website should all support transactions without a limit. I’ve used AP in Boots, Pret, Waitrose and Superdrug for over £30 successfully.

New Look
Pizza Express

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More than £30 on McDonald’s - that’s a hefty lunch!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Location specific one here but - Lincolnshire Coop - they accept contactless absolutely fine and Apple Pay visa but for some reason Apple Pay mastercards always get rejected. I’m assuming this is a coop issue and maybe the terminals/firmware they’re running. Really annoying though as I don’t have a Visa card anymore! Don’t know if anyone else has had this issue?

I’ve never actually used Apple/Google Pay for transactions over £30 (I’m not made of money), but most of the stores I visit support it.


I wish more shops supported Apple Pay on the Web, especially Tesco and Ocado… Then my over £30 spend would significantly increase… though I wonder if that counts as contactless transaction at all…

I just tried using Monzo via Apple Pay at my local Co-Op with no problem whatsoever. It’s a new shop and I used the self serve till, of that makes any difference.

Was it a Co-op or a Lincolnshire Co-op? They are separate shops

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Does Monzo have any limit on how much could go through on a contactless transaction?

Might be a good user setting, don’t want to card clash and accidentally pay for something from the wrong account!

Morrison’s actually advertise no limit on Apple/Google Pay on a little card wrapped around the terminals at the checkouts. Their petrol stations also allow >£30 (tested last night)

The former. I didn’t realise they were different.

And it’s true (up to at least £50 in my experience).

Yeah - the co-op officially accept Apple Pay but Lincolnshire co-op don’t (still stuck on the past in Lincolnshire!!). They are affiliated with each other but are two different entities