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When I use my :mondo: :credit_card: with an online merchant, the transaction detail quite rightly does not show a map/location/address. It has grey text that says ‘Online transaction’. However, it does not show the URL of the merchant either. When I’ve submitted data (using the ‘Something Wrong? Tell Us!’ button), the form includes the merchant website (as well as Twitter and Facebook links). But it seems the website data disappears once I’ve submitted it.

It would be very useful if the transaction details could also provide a link to the merchant website. In the future this could potentially be enhanced to link directly to the order details page. I could see this working by either allowing us to manually paste a link to the order into the transaction details page or, (this would require a lot more work!) parsing an email receipt when attaching email receipts is enabled sometime in the future. :wink:

In the meantime, though, a link to the merchant’s homepage would be of great help. Thanks!


Thanks! Totally agree – more detail would be great :slight_smile: I know @hugo has lots of plans here…

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Yeah, we have a few things in store for that. Probably the first simple step will be to include the web address… in the future we may even show a screenshot of the website, links to apps, Twitter, etc.

What other info would you like to see there?

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To be honest, just a tapable link to the website would cover 99% of my use (though screenshot would be nice visually). It’s useful if I want to quickly jump across and look up details of my order. For some smaller/more obscure sites, I don’t necessarily remember the URL either, so having it embedded in the transaction is useful.

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Metadata about purchases would be useful, for physical purchases things like expected arrival, link to order details, a list of items ordered, start and end location and departure time for train journeys. I’d like to be able to see what I ordered at a restaurant or bought in Tesco. I know that’s far fetched, but then so is Mondo! Basically more in depth about what the money went on, things you want to know about that purchase, and possible actions like claim a refund.

Gmail is ok at this, though here it’s used an image for a book called ‘100 prophecies come true’ for my iphone cable order…

It would be cool if when I look at the transaction information, I’m also shown contact details for the place where I spent money. Currently I see the name, logo and address. Would be great to also see phone numbers, opening hours, social media links, etc.

I assume this could be pulled from the Google Maps API based on the address? Or simply a link to the Google Maps info for the location if it’s felt that would be too cluttered on the page itself, as the current Google Maps link (i.e. tapping the map) puts the location in the right place but doesn’t usually show the named location itself.

I’ve moved your post here, as there’s some comments from their team on their plans for improving the merchant details earlier in the thread. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

You might be interested to know that Monzo uses Google (& other sources) to retrieve the merchant’s details already -

so the data’s there, I expect it’s just a question of making sure that it’s complete, accurate & building the UI (& perhaps rolling out the current accounts first)…

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I’ve found myself relying on Monzo for more than just banking. For example, I was just wondering what the name of the great barber I went to earlier in the year - and the best way of reminding myself was jumping into Monzo and searching. My next step was to find the website and phone number (via Google).

This made me think - could merchant enrichment be supercharged with this information? Does Google (or Foursquare or someone) have an API that lets you put phone number / website / social media handles for a merchant quickly and easily at the bottom of the transaction screen? Or is this information held already?

Going back to my barber, I’d have loved to look up the transaction on Monzo, tapped it and called them directly.

Or for an Amazon transaction, have a link to queries / support for that purchase.

Or to go to my TfL account…

Would anyone else find this useful?


This would be really cool

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This would genuinely be amazing.

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I’ve suggested this myself and it seemed popular but their enrichment services are undergoing some tooling at the moment from their blog posts

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This was discussed back in the mists of time. First few posts are about online merchants, but further down more details for physical merchants are also discussed. @hugo said they had plans for improvements, but I guess other things have taken higher priority since the. I wonder if this is still somewhere on the list of things to do?

Moved to the dusty thread of 2016! Thanks, @jzw95

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