Pull in further detail from PayPal transactions

Is it possible to show at least the sellers name or what you bought when you buy something through PayPal?

When you order something all you get in Monzo is the the transaction ID added as a note. Would it need you to authorise your Paypal account with Monzo to show this kind of detail? (if that’s a thing?)

I buy all sorts of other random stuff on eBay and sometimes I’m lazy and use PayPal instead of card on other websites - so seeing some more detail would be helpful when sorting through my finances. Or perhaps it could be added like a receipt at the bottom? :star_struck:

No just bin PayPal and eBay :joy:

Personally can’t stand PayPal :wink:

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PayPal is its own judge and jury whereas direct card payments are subject to MasterCard chargeback rules which is a lot nicer in all honesty

agreeing with “ditch PayPal”

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  1. @Ordog at least vote for your own idea!
  2. Yeah I’d like this, I don’t like PayPal but it’s the only option for some vendors.
  3. ‘ditch PayPal’ isn’t a consumer choice if the vendor doesn’t have any other options.

Just like “Ditching Google” PayPal is too heavily baked into stuff so it’s not as easy as that unfortunately.

Ditching them isn’t going to enrich my transaction history either :laughing: :wink:

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Maybe Flux could help here, like what they’ve done with Just Eat, the receipt shows what restaurant as well as the food you’ve purchased. Would be a way off though i would imagine, if ever it were to happen.