Additional merchant info? Website, twitter (loyalty scheme?)


I think this was discussed a long time ago but I think worth bringing up again given the community has grown (and now merchant info is crowd sourced).

I think it would be interesting (particularly at smaller merchants) to know if they have a website/twitter/loyalty scheme. Any other interest for this? This could be crowdsourced by people as per the other merchant info.

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I’d also personally like to see some kind of App Store/Google Play links to apps such as Uber, Amazon, Trainline, Domino’s and Nando’s to name a few from my feed. Building on that to future full integration with merchants via. the API.

Possibly in the future if more merchants choose to use VAS and loyalty signup passes, there is the possibility for light integration with Apple Wallet for Apple Pay and Android Pay. I would personally leave that to the Wallet and Android Pay teams though as from what I’ve seen, they are doing integrations that would be difficult for Monzo to copy or be a part of without themselves being an Apple or Android Pay card.

I suggested something along these lines (but with less detail) a few months ago, and the response was that the @hugo does have plans to increase metadata around online transactions In the future…

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Just to point out, the good news is that the website & Twitter handles are already being stored in the database so they app just needs to surface them now, we won’t be starting from scratch if this is made available :thumbsup:

I guess loyalty schemes are slightly more complex.