Tweet recommendations

(Michael Jenkins) #1

I recently wanted to recommend a restaurant and was looking for a button within the Monzo app to tweet about the retailer. However in the transaction tab, there is a logo, address and name of the retailer, but no website or twitter handle. This is a little odd as the way to crowdsource logos is from the twitter handle :thinking:

There are a few opportunities

  • Click the handle to launch twitter and see the retailer’s feed to see what people are saying (peek & pop in iOS?)
  • Tweet about the retailer directly from the Monzo app
  • Embedding the retailer’s last few tweets in the transaction tab

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I agree, it would be useful to have a link to the merchant’s site.

The website might be the better option, if both can’t be listed, as some merchant’s have different Twitter accounts for different locations but if their logo’s already been found, that location’s handle won’t have been crowd-sourced. Their website will presumably list the merchant’s Facebook & other social media pages too.

Even Google Maps only list’s a merchant’s website -


I feel this is giving too much prominence to a single platform when for other users, Facebook, Yelp or Trip Advisor etc. might be their preferred option.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #3

I’d agree here - we don’t want to give any platforms particular prominence, however, it would be good to see Monzo make the data they have available. Perhaps, there could be a dropdown section which displays the website/social data available and there could be additional crowdsourcing involved to fetch Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, etc listings?

(Saveen) #4

I agree, it would be useful to include website, Twitter and Facebook links. Also, the ability to share the transaction (like Amazon) would be beneficial advertising for Monzo! Even phone numbers and opening times, nice to be able to contact the merchant with one click.

Including all of this could overcrowd the transaction page though, might be better to click through the logo/merchant name to either: a separate screen or link straight to Google Maps.

(Zander) #5

Recently we’ve been working on a redesign to the Transaction screen. The issue we have with the current design is that it doesn’t really scale, and when we look to the future, where integrations and richer merchant data (as you’ve all awesomely suggested) will become a bigger part of Monzo and the transaction screen, this is vital. Another benefit is that the new design will allow the iOS UI to align far better with Android.

Actually, how about a sneak peek of the new tx screen. Granted this doesn’t have the rich data (yet to be designed), but hopefully this may give you an idea of where :cough: below Add Attachment :cough: and how we could be integrating it in the future :smirk:


Loving the fade from map to info.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #7

This looks great and I think the social/web data would fit in well on a separate screen linked from underneath the add receipt button. I’m also a big fan of the fade on the map and the general layout of this page - can’t wait to see it in the app.

Would be great to see some sneak peaks of the share cost screens as well :smiley:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #8

@zancler Can I ask if this new-look transaction screen is still on the cards? Would be great to see it in the app soon, along with the split cost feature (any idea when that’ll be?)

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(Zander) #9

Yes! The plan is still to introduce it with the cost sharing functionality, which we are hoping will come in Q1 this year :fingerscrossed: