Online Transaction Merchants: display website address


Display clickable website link for online transaction merchants in place of physical addresses that are shown for non-online transactions.

Possible Implementation
Currently, the transaction view for online merchants look like image 1 on Android:

Image 1 - MONZO transaction view for online transaction merchant (Amazon).

– Would be useful to have a clickable website link for online merchants, just like there is a physical address for non-online transactions (image 2) - links allow users to easily find more information about the transaction merchant.

– Clicking on this website address would redirect to phone’s default internet browser and open the website in a new tab.

Image 2 - MONZO transaction view for non-online transaction merchant (Tesco). Physical address is boxed in red.

– Improves MONZOs Transaction Merchant Database - having a clickable website link displayed in the transaction view, increases the chance of people realising, and subsequently reporting, an incorrect website and allowing MONZO to update the merchant’s details in their database.

– Potential for expansion:
— Clickable website links for some non-online transaction merchants
— Clickable twitter links
— Clickable links automatically open apps instead of webpages. Example: if Amazon app installed on phone, clicking Amazon link would open Amazon app on phone (or give option to open app or webpage in browser as some current apps do). If Amazon app not installed on phone, Amazon link would open webpage in browser. MONZO could have option in “Improve” to link an app on their phone to a merchant’s website link, which MONZO would then check just like changes to normal transaction merchants

– Link takes place of physical addresses in transaction view. Transaction view for ‘Transport for London’ transactions already has something similar (image 3).

Image 3 - MONZO transaction view for ‘Transport for London’. Clickable website address is boxed in red.

– Actual displayed link similar to the TfL link in image 3 or website links in Twitter profiles in image 4 (removing “https://www.” makes display cleaner).

Image 4 - Website links in Twitter profiles. Link is boxed in red.

– If online transaction merchant does not have an approved website link yet, transaction view reverts back to image 1 (ie: no website link).

Clickable website link for online transaction merchants in place of physical addresses. Links would look like link in TfL transaction view. Possibility to extend to Twitter links.

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I sense you do a lot of proposals :slightly_smiling_face:

Handy to see what Amazon are charging you for if they’re only dispatching some items of a larger order. One tap to get straight to your account


First one actually!

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Totally agree, and excellent description with screenshots, etc. There was a discussion of this almost two years ago, and Tristan and Hugo indicated it was something being worked on, but I guess the banking licence and migrating to current accounts got in the way. Hopefully this hasn’t been forgotten.

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@hugo did mention they wanted to detail the whole flow of a transaction yesterday (which I would presume would include website details etc), so I still believe it should be on their radar.