Let me through... please?

I tried to call but Monzo won’t let me through…

Long story short, I don’t have access to the app anymore. Since everything is settled now, can someone please stop blocking my number (and provide me the password via email (unlikely))? So that I can phone Monzo at a time that is suitable for me.


I doubt anyone on here can help with this.

Your best bet is to call or email help@monzo.com :slight_smile:

Not community members for sure. Also, I can’t really call them and they take forever to reply my email.

Staff generally can’t help either as you require a totally different department.

Above is what you will find to be their standard response :slight_smile:

Some COps members do hang around the forum and they can either reply to my email or lift the ban on my number, I can call them at a time that’s suitable for me.

I’ve never really used their phone line (like speaking to a real human being) before, what warrants a ban on my number? It’s not like I’ve threaten or being rude to anybody on live chat/phone before.

Who’s blocking your number?

Call the number on the email and ask for the password, seems pretty simple or am I missing something?

As mentioned above, they don’t block numbers without good cause. If you’re calling from a withheld number they sometimes temporarily block these if it is being abused but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s you.

COps are snowed under at the moment so I wouldn’t expect a response on here. Telephone and email are your best methods of getting in touch but there are long delays currently.

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It won’t let me through. I got an automated message saying that they can’t help me over phone.

Ideally, it’d be nice if they can give me the password over email but I guess for security reason they won’t.

Yeah I can’t see them doing that either :cry:

I’ve just called that number and the automated message states something along the lines of:

Most things we have to complete via the app but if it’s something else then please hold we aim to be with you in less than a minute

Is that the message you’re getting? If so, just hold and you’ll get through to the next person who’s available…

No, going by posts here if your account has been closed you cannot access the phone line, which is unfortunate as it was given in the email

Well… that’s a bit stupid :upside_down_face:

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There’s more to it after that.

We can’t help you over the phone bla bla bla. Bye.

Last ditch attempt: do you have a friend or family member who has a Monzo account who’s phone you could borrow? :eyes:

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The whole mechanism is kind of pointless. It’s not like I want to phone them out of nowhere.

I wonder how long do they need to have my phone number blocked, 6 years?

I suppose I could ask someone but deffo not today.

It’d be so funny if I was travelling overseas with a monzo customer and he lost his card and phone, and he needed to use my phone to contact Monzo.

Hi Kai,

I know it’s frustrating but we won’t be able to help with these here on the forum. If you can’t reach us by phone or through the app, we’ll have to carry on via email I’m afraid.

Queues are a little high right now, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Locking this thread now before it ends up going in circles.