I can’t understand how to do this!! I simply want to ask a question. If it is so complicated I will have to withdraw my application
Why can’t you answer me?

Oh I can’t do this! Please with draw my application. I am in my 80s and you don’t seem to have a telephone!!!

Monzo number is +448008021281 if that helps.

If the question is something in general someone might be able to help if you post again with it, if it’s specifically about your account then you’ll need to phone, email or go on chat in the app.

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I suspect this is another case of a user mistaking the forums as a method of contacting support.

Unfortunately @Katey there’s nothing we can do to help, as we’re just customers of Monzo like you.

If you search for contact us in the help section of the app, tap on the top link titled contacting support, you’ll find methods of contacting Monzo there. including a link you can tap on to open a chat in app.


Just to format that phone number in a more conventional way, which you may find helpful, it’s the same as:

0800 802 1281

I hope you get set up OK @Katey!


Hello again Mary,

I hope you have managed to find a solution to whatever your problem was.

If you haven’t, it also might help to explain it here and we can try to help you with general queries - although please make sure you don’t post anything confidential as whatever you post here can be seen by anybody.

What was the question you wanted to ask Monzo?

If it was about the sign-up procedure, all users here have some experience of that, having signed up themselves, so we could clarify something if you are finding it difficult.

All the best @Katey!


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