I’ve messaged support and I’ve been waiting 9 hours and no response, I’ve just called and it rang for a minute then said no one is available and someone will call me back, I need this sorted before work tomorrow and I can’t stay awake all night waiting for a call back that might not come, any ideas ?

There’s not a huge amount you can do if COps are busy I’m afraid. :pensive: Did you mark your question as urgent?

The twitter team are so much faster at asnswering questions and you can DM them so it’s private and confidential.

I had an issue the other day, messaged them through chat and Twitter, the team on twitter had it sorted within less than an hour, and the in app chat took 48 hours!

Hi @kolok I’ve flagged this post up to Monzo to get back to you. Unfortunately they can’t access your account via the forums so the only method of support is via, or in app chat. If your query isn’t account related you can post it here for the community to try and help you.


I wonder if Monzo have a call logging system to show inbound, outbound and calls that allegedly have not been answered?


I’ve rang before and didn’t even finish listening to the auto attendant. I got a call back the next day to check all was ok so it seems likely.

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I called once by mistake (hung up before anyone picked up) and got a notification in my app saying they missed my call and if everything was ok.

Hi @kolok I’m sorry that we’ve left you hanging here. Someone should get back to you really soon. If you’re still waiting in a few hours, let us know and we’ll look into it.

We log all missed calls and make sure to follow them up, so nobody’s left unanswered. So someone should be in touch shortly.

My question isn’t account related it was how to contact support

Do it on Twitter. Very fast response. Chat isn’t fast anymore.