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I was watching phone scams programme this evening and it was saying a lot of the new “app banks” are not part of the lending standards board, they haven’t signed up, and how a lot of them say they aspire to the same principles, however that isn’t the same and doesn’t protect you. It’s now got me worried that if I was scammed on monzo, as that is my main account, would I get by money back and is my money safe in Monzo. Sorry for the paranoia, just checking and someone who’s not that tech savvy.

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Monzo work to the rules of it.

I think Monzos issue is that you all pay money in, but they have better detection but get “punished” like everyone else.

From all the threads on here of people falling for scams, I’ve never seen Monzo not pay out.

You have nothing to be worried about.

Ah ok, thank you for replying. :crossed_fingers: