Monzo vs other banks

Hello everyone!

I am currently doing some research about Monzo and why people choose it over other banks. I am curious about some of these things:

-How would you describe your overall experience with Monzo?
-How would you compare it to any other banks that you have experienced?
-What would make you stop using Monzo?

I would be more than happy to read your thoughts. If you would be willing to talk more in depth about it let me know!

Thanks :smiley:

PS. I am a masters student working on her dissertation.


You’ll find tons of info if you search around, I believe we already have threads about comparing it to legacy banks, etc. Have a look and maybe update your post if there’s still something you didn’t find an answer for! :+1:

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I reckon finding that info would take quite some time of trawling through the forum to be fair.

The info is there, but it’s scattered across 100’s of threads.

@sgrm24 - Did you want the info posted here, or sent ina DM?


+1 for other posts covering a lot of this, but personally…

Altogether, pretty good. The opposite of ‘legacy’ for the most part! I’d describe them as a modern bank, I’m happy with the notifications I get when paid. is cool, faster payments are usually instant. It all feels properly built and not at all ‘janky’.

I’ve used Nationwide and RBS. Nationwide would have scheduled downtime seemingly every weekend, the website was okay but not amazing and performing basic tasks was a bit of a chore.

RBS was particularly bad. Unreasonable charges for basic bank functions, very ‘legacy’ feel - having to use branches and postal forms to get things done. Poor phone support, too.

Indications that the company’s direction had changed, I guess. I’m watching carefully to see which features get removed, any fees that get added, changes to the customer experience etc.


Thank you very much for your kind response :slight_smile: Either here or through DM would be amazing.

Thanks again!

I will look into the other threads, thanks for the recommendation.

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