Early bird plus cancellation

After the article I saw yesterday regarding the changes to Monzo plus with these bundles, I must say I was deeply disappointed having subscribed to Monzo Plus early bird for £3 a month. 3 months down the line, I had seen no value to this what so ever.

After reading the forums, I can see that this what echoed by the Monzo community.

I decided to try my luck cancelling my Monzo Plus subscription early by using the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Act 2008 that covers consumers from confusion and misleading information.

Monzo came back to me and offered me the ability to either:
A) Stay on my current plan for the minimum term (pointless if I’m asking to cancel)
B) Upgrade to the traveller bundle at no extra cost (£3 a month)
C) Cancel my early bird Monzo membership

After requesting to cancel, I was told that my Plus membership would end in the next three days.
No mention of swapping back to the Hot Coral card either.

Just thought I would share my experience.

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