Left to pay in my bills pot doesn't include Scheduled payments

Hi! Love the bills pot, it’s been really useful! I’ve set up non direct debits to also come out of the pot through scheduled payments, however the “left to pay” indicator at the top of the pot doesn’t include these in its calculations :frowning:

I assume this is probably by design but it left me a bit confused, doing some shoddy napkin maths & unable to trust the number at the top! It’d be great if it could include scheduled payments too :slight_smile:

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It should… it does this for me.

Can you double check that these fall within your budget dates? Check you have set them as a recurring payment?

Can’t add a pic of mine at the moment… will come back and add if you need it though.

The displayed “Left to pay” amount is always accurate here (Android 10, Monzo v3.7.0) and shows the correct amount within the current summary period (shown just underneath the ‘Left to pay’ line) that is still to be paid from the pot. I have a mix of DD’s, SO’s and recurring scheduled payments all being paid as they should from a bills pot.

Could it be that you’re factoring in bills that can’t be auto-paid from a pot (CPA’s like Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.)?

Definitely doesn’t for me! Maybe it’s because it’s the first month I’ve used it & as it hasn’t taken the recurring payment yet it isn’t factoring it in?

The Scheduled payments to/from pots are broken for me too (ie. not begin counted in the projection). Please help by voting and replying here so they can fix it:

I’ve got the same issue with this. I have a ‘Bills’ pot which has a mix of DDs, SOs and also scheduled withdrawals from the pot. The ‘Left to pay’ takes into consideration the DDs and SOs but ignores the scheduled withdrawals giving an inaccurate result. Using iOS app v3.31.0

As that’s how it’s been designed, that’s the way it works for everyone.

Hi Tom & welcome :wave:

Have your scheduled payments been paid before via the designated Bills Pot(s) or is the upcoming cycle the first time they will be paid from the designated pot(s)?

Hi David, thanks for the response. Yes they’ve all been processed in previous months from that pot

By ‘scheduled withdrawals’ you mean Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Xbox Live/Gold, Google One, etc.?

Well yes but not exactly. My understanding of how it works is I’ve marked my Spotify/netflix etc monthly payments as recurring payments in my account. I’ve then scheduled a withdrawal from a pot to coincide with the day the regular amount is due on. So whilst it is to pay my Spotify bill for example, it is not being paid directly to Spotify from the pot. It is just a withdrawal that has been scheduled for a certain day with a defined repetition

Nothing is paid directly from a bills pot. It is all paid from the account. The Bills pot feature moves the correct amount from the Bills pot to the account just before the amount is taken from the account.

Except for CPA’s (Netflix/Spotify/etc) - Monzo has no advanced notice of these payments being made, so is unable to move the amount from a Bills pot to the account in time.

So your left-to-spend figure doesn’t account for such CPA payments. They’ll just be debited when they are debited.

Thanks David. I understand all that. But separately I’ve scheduled a withdrawal from my bills pot on a certain day. It technically is to pay I.e. my Spotify bill but Monzo has no idea what it is for. I’ve just told it on the 3rd of the month to take £10 out of a pot and put it into my main account for example. Therefore it knows on the 3rd I’ve got £10 to take out of that pot. So why aren’t these values included in my ‘Left to pay’ summary? It is irrelevant of Monzo not being able to know when CPA’s as you put it (not sure what the acronym is) are billed.

‘Left to Pay’ is a device designed to count outstanding bills connected with that pot. It doesn’t include transfers because it’s simply never been designed to.

Edit: Apparently I’ve already replied.


CPA’s are Continuous Payment Authorisations - when you give authority for a vendor to charge your account (usually via card details) an agreed amount per agreed cycle - but there’s no fixed ‘plan’ or no fixed ‘take’ date/time - it just happens when it happens.

I agree it sounds like a really handy feature for the Left to pay total to include both external payments (Paid from Pot amounts) and internal scheduled pot withdrawals.

I can’t really think of a use case where having a total showing this amount would negatively impact the user, but using scheduled pot withdrawals as a workaround for using bill pots for CPAs seems to be a feature that is or at least could be used by a lot of people, and in these cases they’d definitely want them included.

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