Scheduled pot payments should be accounted for in committed spending

I’ve really messed up this month thinking I had more money that I did. My summary said I had hundreds left to spend and with it being Christmas I bought a few more gifts thinking I could afford it. Now, direct debit day comes, and it’s also the day I split up some money into pots for savings/petrol money etc, this adds to a couple hundred pounds. So since the money is now split into pots, now my “left to spend” is at £0 and effectively in debt to the amount I put into my own pots because the app didn’t take my scheduled pot payments into account for committed spending. Honestly, why isn’t this (scheduled pot payments) taken into account for in commited spending? The money was never going to be available in my main account, so why did it think I could use it for all the direct debits and standing orders?

I really feel committed spending should take into account the scheduled payments to your own pots. Not having this has put me in a bad position and I’m really annoyed at myself but more with the app as you would think it would take this into account, as it knows the money won’t be there in my main account, so why would it think I could use it ?

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I agree, they should be included. What really works for us is that we do all our pot moves on payday. At the moment that means we have to schedule them manually each month, but it does mean Summary is pretty accurate for us.

After four weekly frequencies have been added to recurring payments on iOS, the next thing I’d love is a recurring option for ‘payday’ or the start of a new summary period whatever you want to call it.


I agree… I luckily did realise it wasn’t included. However it does feel like it was missed when scheduled pots was added in to the app. Hopefully it can be sorted quickly, as the functionality is already there to exclude your cash from your available amount once it is actually in the pot.


Yeah it’s normally great, it was just this month I got paid a week early so i wasn’t aware that I would have to take this into account.