Left to spend in pots with scheduled payments not including all direct debits

On our joint account we have a “bills” pot which we have configured to have direct debits and scheduled payments come out of. The feature which says “left to spend” before the next monthly period does not include the value of all direct debits, most notably our mortgage which is the highest value payment. This started happening when we renewed our mortgage and the direct debit for it was amended by NatWest.

Details to reproduce: direct debit is set to pay from pot, direct debit is updated (amount increased) by collector. Direct debit no longer included in left to spend calculation
OS: iOS 17.2.1
**Device:**iPhone 12 pro
App Version: 5.56.0 #5560054


Is it set to recurring?

“Left To Pay” doesn’t account for variances in your Direct Debit amounts since they can change month to month. Whatever the amount was when the payment was first set up will be the amount used. If you have the same payment a few times, then Left To Pay may auto update to the new value, but it definitely won’t do it after just 1 since it could be a one off.

If NatWest are using the same Direct Debit, but just increased the amount, then the “Left To Pay” may still be using the old amount. Monzo won’t know if the last payment was a one off or is the new fixed value.
If you click on the NatWest DD, and turn the “Repeating subscriptions” to off first, then find the most recent payment in your feed and turn THAT info a recurring payment, your “Left To Pay” should update.
Might be worth checking your other Direct Debits to see if those have increased since being set up as well (Like mobile phone and broadband mid contract price rises).

It won’t predict the variances but it’s showing left to pay of £900, so unless the mortgage has gone up £1500 this time, it’s not working.

Isn’t this a similar issue to one posted the other day?

Left to spend is sort of useless if it can’t take direct debits into account without you manually setting it up as a recurring payment…

Turns out the “subscription” on a payment was turned off (not by me from memory). I’ve re-enabled it and it’s now showing correct left to pay amount.

I think the potential bug here is that when the direct debit payment amount was updated (and possibly it’s a new mandate as it was a re-mortgage) Monzo has failed to detect it’s a recurring payment, even though the previous version was correctly identified as repeating?