Take Scheduled Pot payments into account in Summary

Scheduled Pot payments due by get factored in on n the Summary tab information (at least not on Android it would appear).

I have two different pots which on the first of every month are set to transfer funds are n for saving purposes.

On the Summary tab, my balance ‘left to spend’ never factors this in. All my direct debits are there, but not my scheduled Pot payments.

The same is true for the ‘Committed spending’ breakdown on the same tab.

It’d be really helpful if this could be sorted out ASAP as currently this throws out the budgeting entirely as I have hundreds less then Monzo actually claims each month to spend!

Details to reproduce:
Set up a Pot, schedule payments on a regular frequency, check the Summary tab for any traces of these payments.

Android 9 - Huawei EMUI 9.0.0

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

App Version:

This isn’t a bug and has always been the case. Speculation, but I’d assume because pots aren’t really another account they are ignored.