Laser Eye Surgery

Has anyone here had this (or know anyone who has)? Who did you use? I have considered it on and off for many years, and I’m currently considering it again. For me, it will easily pay for itself over four or five years as I currently wear daily contact lenses (anything longer than that is too much faff for me).


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I’ll be watching this thread as I’m in the same blurry boat.


Vision Express - in the Trafford centre of all things. For me at the time (2012-13) it was needed for a job and I was quite short sighted (-3 and -4 but I can’t remember which was which).

I chose to pay outright at the time, it was about £7k in total but given I’ve not had to wear glasses in the 13 years since It was money well worth spent.

The whole process was really great. Full consultation, they even picked up a scar on a retina invisible to the human eye and gave me options. The surgery was also great and not too bad.

One half day of feeling like I had sand in my eyes, 2 weeks of having to wear guards while sleeping and putting in 3-4 different eye drops while things healed and after that perfection.

Do it :slight_smile:

Also one time while still wearing contacts I forgot I had chilli on my hands…so I don’t have to suffer the whole “why’s your eye red” conversation


I love that fact that you added something in a spoiler tag to make it very blurry :wink:


My friend had it done and it has been great for him. I am tempted by it also, but will be a few years off for me financially.

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I’ve thought about it, but I quite like my glasses hiding the bags under my eyes!

But the pain of falling asleep with glasses on I would like to go away! And sunglasses being much easier!

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What lenses, I pay around 27 a month or so for daily, so 5 years sounds quite cheap for eye surgery.

One funny story - You can’t wear contacts for 2 weeks beforehand, apparently it changes the shape of your eyes and they need to go all natural. This went well for me, I woke up one day, got out of bed and there was a horrible “crunch” sound as I stood on my soon to be redundant glasses which had fallen off the bed stand and onto the floor…

Cue a rush to vision express and the most horrible (but cheapest) glasses I’ve ever had to buy or wear.

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I use

About £40 for 90 days’ worth for me.

I had laser eye surgery when I was 20. It only lasted about 5 years though and then my vision got worse again, now I need glasses again. I could have it done again, but it would probably be the last time and is more likely to have complications the second time.

From me, not really recommended. It cost me a fortune and I thought it would be a permanent fix, but that’s only the case for some people.


I used to use them but the optician told me not enough oxygen was getting to my eyes and I should use ones with better something that I can’t remember now that allows more oxygen.

But I also wear them for long hours.

I had similar, not sure if was a placebo or not with the better ones. But I didn’t like the basic ones.

Now I use Hubble, you can get a trial for £1 and no issues with them. Work outs just under £1 a pair I think. I don’t wear them too often so I don’t find the cost too bad.

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I should probably go to the optician.

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I really want to do it. But my mind is just constantly like “But what if?!?!” - how do I overcome that?! :joy:

I’ve been thinking about this off and on for quite a few years now.

At the moment I wear contact lens and I’m on Specsavers Lensmail scheme (£15 a month and includes all your check-ups). The lens I get from them are the ones you can wear to bed as well and keep them in for up to 6 days at a time (handy for when I’m hiking/camping).

Going through the Optical Express website, they claim that I’d save £2130 by getting laser surgery based on my age - I’m assuming that’s just 'I’m x age, average life expectancy is y and I’m spending £180 per year on contact lens.

It’s also one of those things that Optical Express have ‘the cheap’ option of £600 per eye for one type of surgery, or £1,200 per eye for the other type. Would you want to risk ‘going cheap’ on this?

I went for the most expensive options, and it still only lasted 5 years so maybe it doesn’t make a real difference?

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What year did you have yours done? :eyes:


A brief look, and the options all look the same though.

It is likely your prescription hadn’t settled at 20 years old though? Mine didn’t settle until I was early 30s and has remained the same since.

It’d been the same for about 5-6 years, so it should have done. But you never really know, they can change again any time

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