Health Cash Plans

Has anybody taken out a Health Cash Plan ?

I have with BHSF recently

I’m paying £14.78 a month for the bonus plan which covers the following:


I currently pay £252 a year for contact lenses, glasses, aftercare, eye tests all with Specsavers

Then the dentist once/twice a year (£30 for a single checkup) so it pays for itself just off these two

You then have the option of physio, health screening, osteopathpath etc which could be a bonus along the way

Claiming seems straightforward but keen to hear people’s thoughts

Edit: a word of warning, you have to wait 13 weeks from the policy start date to make a claim… which is a bit shady… I’m now rethinking :joy:


I have one through my workplace (Simplyhealth), which we just have to pay the tax on. Not sure about the 13 week thing though… Should probably look into that.

Not sure if it would be much use for me paying full price myself though as I don’t wear contacts or anything like that.

My old company used to pay for Westfield Health plan for us. That was great. Easy to use and they paid out really quickly too. I used to get an allowance of £180 for optical and dental treatment, plus other stuff.

Where I work now they offer Westfield as a pay-it-yourself add-on. I looked at what was on offer but decided to put money away in a Monzo pot to cover the cost instead. I’m currently in the middle of my own self-imposed 3 month ‘do not use’ period before I will allow myself to use it - and I’ve just needed a £200 filling :roll_eyes: This is what I could get for £10 or £16.44 p.m. currently

Medicash is OK.
The “corporate perks” you get include 4% off shopping cards for major supermarkets and brands, so it typically costs me pennies overall per month with the discount at the supermarket