Face Mask Recommendations

Has anyone bought a reusable facemask recently?

I’ve been looking for some and it’s like a minefield out there trying to get a decent one for a decent price.

Any recommendations? The more ethical or charitable the better…

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Adidas.com £13 for 3, £2 goes to a COVID charity

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Sold out

I’ve had lots of luck looking at local neighbourhood facebook groups - lots of crafty mums sewing them in their spare time for a bit of cash. No less good quality than shop bought.


Despite being an Adidas customer and recipient on their mailing list, they failed to tell me about this the other day and I found out about them way too late. Kind of disappointed, especially at that price point

Where I live, the “Covid capital of Scotland”, you’d think they would be in abundance, but sadly I can’t seem to find anyone local

I bought material and elastic on Etsy to make my own but there’s plenty of premade ones on sale

If you need one right now best bet is to either buy the material And a couple of rubber bands and fashion one yourself or check the corner shops maybe? (the shops in my ends have plenty).

If you can wait a little while longer shouldn’t be too long before the supermarkets start selling them to be honest.

I never got an email about them either, it was a notification via their app that hit my Apple Watch :joy:

I’ve got a couple of these. Reusable, sold at cost price and helping out the NHS/local charities.

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This is exactly the sort of thing i’ve been looking for, shame it had to be Maradona on the mask though!

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Official NHS campaign materials:

Just use a scarf or bandana.

I use bandanas from bikerbandanas.uk
£2.50 each it’s all I could find at the beginning of corona

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Lots of different types of facemasks to recommend.

I find the gel mask gives me funny looks in the supermarket though.


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try leyton orient



I’ve just bought this one: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/779634920/washable-and-reusable-super-soft-three?ref=yr_purchases

Can recommend as wasn’t expensive, material is comfortable and it arrived very quickly! :+1:t3: :mask:

Puma have some now. Only just ordered them so can’t comment on fit or quality, will update once they arrive :slight_smile:

Don’t know how ethical puma are. A portion of proceeds will contribute to puma pledge of €100,000 to the UN Foundations Covid 19 fund apparently.

Triple layered, don’t know if that is important or not :man_shrugging:

Now there’s reports about needing three layer masks, it’s all getting quite confusing over doing the right thing.

I have some Adidas ones and an EU Unity one from Phyne.