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Will you be able to change the PIN on the new card? As its the PIN not the card that was compromised.

It’s not really the topic for this but I’d class it as one. People who shouldn’t have been able to see our pins could see our pins. To me that is a breach of the rules that keep our data secure and so a ‘security beach’.


No breach.

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Hmmm…it sounds like we may have a different definition of breach to you :grinning: Back to the topic at hand!

That’s my understading as well. The new card will come with the same PIN? Of course cops could have decided a faulty card was the reason the pin couldn’t be changed and a new card will let them change the pin at the ATM themselves?

A bit strange but hopefully it fixes the issue. I assume that most people won’t have this issue.

On the breach or not, for clarity, in the strictest sense this is a data breach. Data was unintentionally placed in an area it wasn’t meant to be and was viewable by people unauthorised to access that information. That is by all accounts a breach.

It is not a breach in the sense that most people might be used to thinking, e.g stolen data and publicly published.

The news love to wind people up, a breach isn’t the end of the world, but it probably would class as a breach either way (that doesn’t mean it’s a GDPR breach for example either).


@leah has left Monzo, I believe.

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Monzo had to inform its customers and had to advise that they should change the pin code

If this had not been a concern or a security issue why bother informing people

If it hadn’t been for an e mail, from Monzo to me, with the above I would still have a card with the original pin in place and I would be a lot happier than I am right now :thinking:

I had the email. I haven’t changed my pin or even intend to. No fraudulent use, and I don’t expect any.
Why is it not a thing to be able to change the pin in app? Would that not be a possibility build this feature?

Would a new card solve the problem? Because the pin doesn’t change with a card reissue does it?

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If there’s an issue with the chip it would fix it

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