Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

(Andy) #41

The toggle is working fine for me on b4. Have you killed the app and reloaded it?


@Deviljopo could be the beta 4 over 3 worth a try. Don’t know if it makes a difference but I am also on beta Monzo iOS.

(emily_s_clayton) #43

Loveee this idea in combination with round up! It’s great to have it all “in house” and not have to rely on those external apps to squirrel away change

Would love to be able to move amounts between pots (as you can only round up to one pot if you have multiple pots it’d make sense to keep a “coin jar” and then move amounts directly to different savings pots as you collect change there)

And to see some kind of timeline option to turn on if wanted (e.g. if you’re saving towards a holiday at a specific time) and for there to be a calculation of what progress needs to be made monthly to meet the goal… perhaps a nudge if you haven’t put enough in one month to hit the goal and then a recalculation of the monthly amount needed (this could also be adjusted if a manual payment is made to the pot to “catch up”)

Custom icons would be great if you have any trips or events with logos - the current options cover most things but it’d still be nice to have more customisation just for fun haha

(Jo) #44

@glasgow yeah I’ve tried that too - no change - toggle just doesn’t want to stay on :frowning:️ Also tried resetting the phone. Ah well :roll_eyes:

@gallifreyangirl I’m using public betas so can’t get 4 yet


Public beta 3 had been released and is same as developer beta 4.

(Rob) #46

I also think that the goal amount would look better in a bigger bold font. And the shaded area around the bar that fills up should be removed :+1:t3:

(Ash) #47

Same here, also on iOS12 Beta 3

(Toby Toller) #48

I think Pot Goals :dart: will be fantastic for shared pots when they launch :rocket:

Can’t wait to see this

(Rob) #49

Yer especially a casual reminder just after payday, if you don’t use the scheduled payments option

(Dan) #50

love this feature :heart_eyes: up until now I’ve been adding my target amount in to pot title, replacing amount with the :white_check_mark: when I’m done. This solves that perfectly :blush: #FullMonzo


I’ve setup a new goal on a pot for my standard monthly salary after tax etc, I get paid on call and overtime most months, so will help me split my money from standard income and the extra! I usually work it out manually!

So set up reoccurring payment on payday to the pot, and can work backwards! Extra layer on top of the summary features to keep onto of my money !

(Tim Banting) #52

And custom images- the one last thing I like about Starling Bank!

(Tim Banting) #53

Perhaps you could have a “sweep” feature where, at the end of the month, any funds left are swept away into a specific pot? Perhaps have an account buffer where you can specify to keep £xxx back for emergencies?

(Tony) #54

Just having mulled on this a little more…

Now that we have scheduled payments into pots, can we adapt the display so that the existence of this is taken into account and a calculated “expected date the goal amount should be reached” is shown against the pot? Eg. If I have a pot with a goal of £300 and a current balance of £100, with a regular payment of £50 per month into that goal set up, it can realistically determine that in 4 months I will reach that goal amount.

This also plays into adapting regular payments into pots, to add a toggle for “stop when goal reached”. So, using the example above, Once I hit the goal of £300, the regular payment can be [optionally] ended.

(Tim Banting) #55

That’s nice. If I knew that I added an extra £x per month perhaps it could suggest the earlier target date?

Might persuade me to avoid that extra latté!

(Sam Burton) #56


I’ve been using goals over the last week and there are a few items that can be added to improve this;

  1. Goal Date - When you are aiming to achieve your goal by
  2. Recommended Amounts - How much you would you need to put in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to achieve your goal by the set date
  3. Goal Progress - Are you ahead or lacking behind the recommended daily, weekly or monthly amount based on your goal date. Would also be good if it displayed how much you are ahead or behind towards your goal.

(Dan) #57

This is defiantly needed before a full release!


I have tried this feature on Android via Monzo Labs, however, it won’t work.

First, it’s not swipe left to get to Pots, it’s swipe up.

Then, when I get into the pot via the cog, it allows me to tap on the Goal and enter a number, but then reports an error when I try to Save Changes.

Have reported via Chat. Awaiting a reply.

(David watson ) #59

I’ve created one goal on a pot on ios no problem yesterday, however when trying to add another on a different pot after I put the goal amount in it will not save it! Anyone else having same issue on ios?

(Martin Hickman) #60

An excellent piece of work. Creation of pots was easy as always and adding goals really was pretty obvious how to set up.