Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

(Beta User) #61

My GF is on iPhone SE running iOS 11.4.1

Monzo 2.7.0

But she cannot crest goals, the option is there but after entering the goal it doesn’t save


That’s what I get. Samsung S7 with Monzo 2.7.0


No reply on Chat, 3 hrs on.

(Is Santa here yet?) #63

Have you tried delete and reinstall the app? Always worth a try first

(David watson ) #64

There is a bug with 2.7 and setting a goal I’ve just reported, you will need to go back to 2.6 from App Store to set a goal that works fine :+1:

(Lewis Derbyshire) #65

If you schedule a payment into a pot with a goal it should show what date you will achieve that on.

(Cheryl) #66

Fantastic. I’ve activated this for holiday savings.

I have a lot of money to pay off. I was going to just drip pay the company bit by bit so I could see the total figure going down. Now I’m keeping it with Monzo with the goal to motivate me.

Thank you!

Like others, I’d love target dates letting me know how much needs to go in each month to reach the goal in time.


It would be pretty sweet if the bar changed colour as progress was made. Just a simple red, amber, green. Or maybe black, amber, green. Not too sure on what percentages they’d come in but I feel it would be a nice tweak.

(William Brown) #68

I can’t change my goal as I set it too high it doesn’t like change

(Jack) #69

Could be a bug as the feature is still in labs. Have you tried force closing the app and editing it again?


Not working so well for me. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m trying to add a goal to an existing pot and this happens:

Am on Android, Samsung Note 8, Android 8.0.0

Will now try the standard uninstall/reinstall fix and check back in with an update :slight_smile:

EDIT AFTER UN/REINSTALL: Now working! :tada:

(Andy) #72

Glad a reinstall fixed it! I know monzo wrote a fix for it yesterday but wasn’t sure if it was deployed yet

(Benjamin Doherty) #73

Im getting the exact same error message, been getting it for 2 days now.


What app version are you running?

(Dominic Whewell) #75

Hi all, I love the idea of setting up goals just to through an idea into the mix would it be possible for you to set a goal and a completion date then the app would workout how much you need to put in to reach it and if your account can afford it siphon it off every week or day depending on the completion date.

(Jack) #76

Great idea. I’d also love this. I shared my thoughts earlier on at the beginning of the thread

(James Waddington) #77

I’d love a percentage option! And some personalisation when you reach your goal, maybe a reminder (if the savings are automated) going you can now buy X (X being what you are saving for, should you tell the app)

(Benjamin Doherty) #78



Is that the beta? If it is, roll back to the app store/play store version and you should be good to go. Many reports of bugs in the latest beta :bug:

Alternatively you can wait for this weeks update to hopefully iton them out. It all depends how much you want them :smile:

(Is Santa here yet?) #80

Apparently this is fixed now

(Shae Scott) #81

I think it would be great if we could have a percentage indicator of the pot goal, and perhaps an algorithm based on your historic transactions, the estimated date we might reach it? Not sure if that might work though?