Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Alex Sherwood) #164

I’ve just remembered that I recorded the process (don’t ask :wink:) so the issue is that if you tap the field to enter how much you want to deposit / withdraw, you can’t close the keyboard again, unless you tap one of the + / - toggles that change the amount (although the amount’s not changed the first time you tap them) which is a bit of a pain.

(Phil) #165

“Weeks” is what they’ve said, I’m guessing 4-6. I’m waiting for the same thing before switching.

(Luke) #166

My partner and I are having issues setting up the joint account. We have both received our cards and activated them.
The joint account isn’t showing up in either of our apps, we’ve logged out, deleted and reinstalled the app but still can’t see anything regarding the joint account.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

(Paul) #167

Exactly the same for me and my partner. Did all the same as you but nothing. I’ve asked support now


Curious why you force people to wait till their joint account card has arrived before making it useable? I have no intention of using the card and just want access to the account details for payments in and out (salary / debits).


My wife’s joint card arrived today, but mine didn’t! God damn it!

(Andy) #170

That is gutting!!


Also made the rookie mistake of putting my wife’s cards side by side… and then having no idea which was the joint and personal! haha.

Same expiry, same card number aside from 4 numbers - Can’t wait for the updated cards to arrive!

Also can’t transfer any money to the account until BOTH cards have been activated.

That’s a little annoying, but appreciate it only really affect the first 2/3 days.

( surohpotsirhC) #172

Forgot to mention, I was able to clear it by tapping anywhere on screen.

(Andy) #173

Some people have been using sharpies to mark the difference until the new cards arrive. Personally I have no plans to use my personal card so I don’t have it in my wallet although it’s on Apple Pay just incase

(Alex Sherwood) #174

I wasn’t :thinking: maybe that’s because I’m on an iPhone X &/or with the beta iOS.

( surohpotsirhC) #175

You need a proper phone like the 8.

(Andy) #176

I can clear it on iOS 12 by tapping anywhere on the screen but I’m on iPhone 7 so could be an X thing

(MikeF) #177

It’s not a joint account thing, this has been true of all Monzo accounts since day 1. If you saw this weeks staff Q&A thread, you’ll know it’s something they’re looking at changing in the future.

(Emily Jones) #178

Feedback from me and partner:

Not clear how to activate joint card. Boyfriend searched “activate card” in Help and ended up trying to do something to his sole account. I got through by selecting Create Joint Account which isn’t logical as we’d already created it.

Not easy/obvious to toggle between accounts.

Help for joint accounts needs updating:

I disagree with needing a PIN to move money between my own accounts.

(Eve) #179

I’m not quite sure how joint accounts work with other banks, do you not need a PIN or a confirmation/ OTP to move money across? I think this might be in place because not everyone has Touch ID lock on the Monzo app and it technically does involve moving money between accounts. Maybe a toggle?

(Emily Jones) #180

Regardless of which account I move it to, I’m still able to access the money. If I was moving it to an account that I couldn’t access, then yes, absolutely would need a PIN/Touch ID to confirm. However if I mistakenly move money from my sole to joint account, I can simply move it back. Happy with a toggle to switch the PIN requirement off, just not sure you would need it at all.

(Adam Robertson) #181

So just to confirm, we can’t move money into the joint account until the card arrives? Was thinking of using the weekend to move all the DDs across but not got the card yet.


If that is a question, then yes.

Until you activate your card, you can’t move money into the joint account (I tried this morning).

(Adam Robertson) #183

Hence the question mark lol - thanks