Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝


The Big List was released on the 22nd May, so wouldn’t next week be the last week of work on it?


I’ve mentioned it before in this thread but I have done a mock up of a unified feed with options to show only selected accounts if wanted…

Android - Account screen mockup
(James Murray-Ferris) #651

I really like that! And I do feel like I don’t want to be switching accounts to see different feeds

(Mark) #652

I guess another thing to add about account switching and having a unified approach, now I am using the Joint Account for all my day to day spending with the wife I very rarely go into my personal account.

I did go in there today and noticed this message from monzo labs, I understand Joint Accounts are still being tested but notifications such as this should be accessible no matter which account you are in.

Does anyone know if 3D secure works on Joint Accounts haven’t tried it yet???

(Andy) #653

I believe some system notifications aren’t showing up there yet due to the fact that what you see in the joint account feed is mirrored for both holders so right now if you were to enable 3D and receive a message in the JA feed but your partner didn’t they would still see the 3D enabled message which would be wrong

(Jack) #654

I agree with what @glasgow is saying. 3D Secure in labs is person specific not account specific. Once it’s out of labs and on by default then I imagine it will change.

(Rika Raybould) #655

It works fine but there’s one bug right now where the verification feed item sometimes appears in the wrong feed! :sweat_smile:

(Buster) #656

Have to say that I’m loving the joint account, banking has never been so transparent!

There are a couple of minor things I’d like to see to improve it but given it’s a new release it’s near perfect!

Shared pots - for joint saving, or leftover monthly funds

Card colour - just to make them easier to distinguish! how about a vibrant green or similar?

(Tom) #657

New card notifications are out!

(Andy) #658

Don’t forget you’ll get a new card number, something to think about before ordering a new card!

I’ve already updated CPAs and online merchants so not going to bother with a JA card for now.

(Tom) #659

This is true - Apple Pay has stopped working for the time being. I’ll make my SO wait so we’ve still got a way to pay for stuff!


Just ordered mine!

It would be good if there was some kind of confirmation - At the moment, it reverts back to the “Order now” screen, and it looks like you can order another one.

(Jack) #661

Personally I’d probably keep my current one and just put a nice sticker on it or something. It’s a bit of a faff updating the details haha.

(Kelvin Papp) #662

Your current card is deactivated as soon as you request the new card, as an FYI to anyone looking to order.

A warning during the request process would be a useful addition, or better still, the option to retain the use of the current card before new one arrives. I’m hopeful (although not 100% certain) that there will be no automated card transactions due in the next day or two…



Is it deactivated completely? Or just from ApplePay?

(Kelvin Papp) #664

The card is frozen, so suggests completely…

(Andrew Schofield) #665

Hmm, it seems to be frozen in-app, but in google pay it still looks active.


Can you not defrost it?


So it is - No option to unfreeze either.

Feedback for Monzo (to reiterate what’s been said).

  1. Make sure it’s abundantly clear that as soon as you order a new card, your existing card will stop working.
  2. Once you’ve ordered a new card, have some confirmation that it has been processed.


See my post @Peter_G