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(Alex Sherwood) #241

I requested this here but apparently the decision to open the window in that screen was deliberate :grimacing:

(Jay) #242

I agree with that. Doesnโ€™t feel very intuitive and not being able to use the back button is also a bit annoying.

James - in the mix
(Jay Yoms) #243

Card declined at

Error message: Something about bank declining the card transaction.

(Sorry I didnโ€™t save the error message in time)

(Josh Bray) #244

Did the app show anything? If not itโ€™s worth checking with the support team to see if they see anything


Anyone else had problems at Sainsburyโ€™s โ€œPay at pumpโ€? Twice now Iโ€™ve filled up, paid using my monzo card and got a notification to say that Iโ€™ve spent โ€˜ยฃ1โ€™, which I was told is the authorisation payment. It rectifies itself in a few days but of course my balance doesnโ€™t show properly for a few days so I canโ€™t really see how much money is left on the card,


Pay at Pumps arenโ€™t officially supported due to that reason. As your card details are taken prior to fuel delivery, Monzo donโ€™t know exactly how much you are taking, and nor do Sainsburyโ€™s. The best way over this is to pay in the kiosk where possible, failing that add a note to the transaction for the amount once you have fuelled up.

(Alex Sherwood) #248

Following on from Benโ€™s post. I think this is an offline transaction (someone else will confirm this) & thatโ€™s why only the authorization charge is made.

I tried to highlight the problems these transactions cause here

& Iโ€™m now hoping to be able to manage these payments by setting aside the upcoming payment in a virtual saving pot which is on the roadmap here.

(Rika Raybould) #249

Not offline because the authorisation is there. This is simply a case of the final amount not being known at the time of auth (you insert your card before vending begins).

The final amount is then made known to Monzo during presentment of the final charge at some time between that night and a few weeks later.

For pay at kiosk, the final amount is known at the time of authorisation so the full amount can be made known to Monzo and held until the presentment and settlement of that same charge.

(Sean Pearce) #250

Thereโ€™s recent changes to the way โ€œAFDโ€ - Automatic Fuel Dispense transactions are handled (though it also very much depends on the fuel pump in use)โ€ฆ The modern way is for the pump to ask for a maximum to be authorised (e.g. ยฃ100). If the card does not have that amount, rather than decline, a response containing the amount โ€œavailable to spendโ€ is returned instead, and the fuel dispenser will only dispense that amount, maximum. If the user end up dispensing less than what was authorised, I believe an adjustment advice is sent afterwards.

(Alex Sherwood) #251

Thatโ€™s interesting, thanks for sharing that.

(Ben Green) #252

In those cases, I would prefer Monzo to report the available amount from the transport target, providing that amount is actually available on the card.

(Edward) #253

Tried to withdraw a non note value amount (ยฃ6) from a Post Office counter, the card was reported to the teller as signature-only (and thus declined) when inserted with the chip, did not read as contactless. Card works as normal elsewhere, and Iโ€™m pretty sure Iโ€™ve used it to pay for postage at the Post Office before, so this is probably some youโ€™re-trying-to-withdraw-cash-so-weโ€™re-gong-to-be-difficult weirdness.

(Rika Raybould) #254

Yes, the Monzo Alpha/Beta cards do not work for almost any kind of over the counter cash or supermarket cashback. It works for normal payments at the Post Office as well as cash at ATMs.


Touch ID bug. Iโ€™ve noticed that when you close the app and go back even after 10 minutes of either having the phone locked or on other apps itโ€™s going straight from the blurred screen to full access without asking for any verification from Touch ID. I even used non Touch ID fingers and it allowed full access to the app. Hopefully this can be set up to lock after a few minutes or so of inactivity / app closed, to prevent unwanted eyes accessing the app?

(Hereโ€™s a photo of a similar setting that could be used - Lloyds Bank)

(Alex Sherwood) #256

Thatโ€™s strange, when I enable Touch ID, I have to scan my fingerprint every time I try to open the app, even if Iโ€™ve scanned, closed & then reopened app all within less than 10 seconds.

There were some bugs when this feature was first launched, are you using the latest version of the app?


Yes, I thought it used to do that! Iโ€™m running version 1.8.

(Alex Sherwood) #258

Could you ask the support team about that (thereโ€™s chat in the app or you can email & let us know what they say?


Iโ€™ve let :monzo: know and thereโ€™s an engineer looking into it now. :+1:

(Jay Yoms) #260

Hi there,

I tried making a payment on Fiverr and I got the following message

I did do a search and it doesnโ€™t look like anyone has already reported an issue about trying to make a payment on Fiverr.

Caveat: Monzo says on their status page that card payments are failing temporarily

Update: 22:19pm - working


Message From Monzo :monzo:

โ€œSo sorry it has been so long. Just to let you know that our engineers have flagged it as a bug on their end, and should release an update to fix the issue in our next update.โ€