Keep/Increase Allowances confusion

  • Paying in at least £500 every 35 days to a Monzo account and have at least one active Direct Debit on that same account, or
  • Sharing a Monzo Joint Account with someone who does one of the above

I saw that but still wasn’t 100% sure that meant it could be in the joint account or via personal account but you both have a joint account as well.

We’re covered on the requirements on all 3 accounts and have 2x Plus, so I know it’s okay. Not that I ever take cash out anyway.

I think that it says “to a Monzo account” covers you.

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Yeah that’s a good point, I didn’t consider that could mean joint for some reason. My wife wants us to go full Monzo from Starling so just having a proper look at everything the account offers, might end up getting Plus anyway.

Weird coincidence but both mine and my wifes friend groups have suddenly seen a big rise in people getting Monzo accounts as it’s easy for social stuff like going out and splitting bills etc.

Have just had this notification myself, and am honestly quite wound up by it. I have a joint account with my wife that both of our wages go into and there’s upwards of 20 active Direct Debits going out of it. We pay ourselves an allowance into our personal accounts to use as discretionary spending but apparently that’s not good enough? (And this is all assuming the notice applies to (just) the personal account - the app isn’t clear in the slightest).

Unimpressed to say the least.


Exactly the same thing here, with a similar use case to yours. I like how the ‘allowances from 18 June’ page describes £5 card delivery and a 3% atm charge as ‘New allowances’. Seems to me those are more fees than allowances, but what do I know.

Guess I’ll be setting up monthly joint → personal and personal → joint transfers of £501, on the same day, and a £1 annual direct debit somewhere, to satisfy the requirements. Of course, this could all be a case of “oops {funny emoji here} we broke something for joint accounts 'cos we don’t care about them {funny emoji here} sorry {funny emoji here}”. Let’s see…


I’ve had the same thing today and was equally unimpressed. I’ve been “full Monzo” since it was Mondo, with my salary into my personal account, lots of direct debits and money sorted into a joint account where I do all my spending.

I’m pretty sure I meet the requirements on both accounts, but the UI leaves me in an infinite loop where I’m not able to “keep allowances”.

Anyone from Monzo here the can advise (and fix this)?

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I also am ‘full Monzo’ and have got this message - I don’t understand why. I don’t withdraw a lot of cash or replace a lot of cards.

It doesn’t feel enormously reassuring

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I was about to come here and post the same thing. Same use case, salary going into JA, and tonnes of direct debits, yet apparently I’m not worthy.

It’s not like my personal account is dormant either, it regularly gets used for transferring savings, has a DD on it and is used for some personal spending.

The number of people suddenly posting leads me to believe that this is a bug that’s cropped up today, but if this is behaving correctly I would seriously reconsider whether Monzo is the right bank for us.

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I’m going to ping over a message to chat because per the account terms and conditions, these limits should not apply.

I had this earlier this year. I messaged support to have them reset as I am full Monzo. A couple of automated replies and passed to a couple of agents but they were able to reset for the year.

There is a help article in the app called ‘What fees do Monzo charge?’ which contains a link which lets you request a review of your eligibility for the bigger allowances.

This is really unprofessional …

Having requested the review, I had a notification to say I already have the higher allowance… Yes, but I’m also still being told it will be taken away in a few days

I doubt I’d miss the allowance itself and I’m sure it’s fixable if I chase it up - what bothers me is that Monzo don’t seem to know how to apply their own rules.

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Yeah, I’m in no mind to go grovelling with cap in hand each year to request a review because their automated system thinks we’re undeserving. They need to just sort it out.

I honestly doubt that any of the changes would affect me personally - right up until they do. But it’s besides the point.

Please keep us posted as to their reply, and perhaps link them to this thread?

I had a reply about 24 hours ago saying this would go over to a specialist. Will wait and see what they come back with.

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Update. I haven’t heard back from a specialist and also the chat has completely disappeared from my help page. There was a continue chat button, but now it’s gone.

I still have this in my app:

But when I tap it, I see this:

I think at this point I’m just going to leave it until the 18th and contact them again on the 18th if my allowance actually changes.

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Again, same here. I suspect something has been quietly fixed behind the scenes…

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Ah yes, same for me. Will see what happens tomorrow but this does look like it was a backend screw up that’s been quietly fixed.

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