Allowance change on 5th December

I have an in-app notification that informs me that I will lose my x2 free card delivery and unlimited cash withdrawals abroad on 5th December.

It requests that I put money in my Monzo account every month and that I have direct debits set up.

I’ve got several direct debits associated with my Monzo account and have paid money in to it every month for nearly 3yrs.

Yet the options tell me repeatedly that I will lose these allowances despite qualifying with my normal activity.

I’m not really prepared to set up a new regular payment nor direct debit just to satisfy this random alert but also not willing to lose these allowances in a few days time through no fault of my own.

Anyone else having the same notification or issue?



Hey Josh, if you meet the criteria just drop Monzo a message in the app and they should be able to fix it for you.


Just to double check, @JoshM4, are you depositing a minimum of £500 each month? The requirements include depositing at least £500 each month and having at least one monthly direct debit.

Also, happy cake day @Peter_G!


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