Help with making my allowance higher

I use my monzo as my main my work pays my pay into it had done for a while now but I don’t no how to make my allowance change from the withdrawal of £250 I do have another bank aswell which is barclays but I don’t want to close that down as it has my help to buy isa in that I just don’t want to keep transfering money back into my barclays account to withdraw if I need to I also work for mcdonalds and we update our own bank details so I am technically payroll they don’t update anything for me so when it says to email them it’s basically myself I email so I don’t no what else to do of anyone can help

Thank you

Do you often withdraw more than £250 cash each month?

Are your wages per month over £500 that you get paid into Monzo?

Sometimes I do yeah but obv with the lockdown I haven’t needed to as much and yeah I do I get paid every 2 weeks my average a month is about 1100

Do you have a direct debit coming from your monzo account? If you then with your wage you get the higher limit

What does it say of your limits page? (Rap the account button under your card, scroll down to limits and tap that)

Oh do I have to have 1 direct debit also? My limit is 250 still at the moment so if I just set up a direct debit I should be able to up it??

Yeah, you need that direct debit and then you’re good

If not then you can still withdraw over £250, just that anything extra will be charged at 3%.
So it depends how much you use cash

Ah great thank you all get it set up now does standing orders work the same or will it gave to be direct debit? Sorry for all the questions

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It needs to be a direct debit

Do you have a TV license direct debit you could switch to coming out of your monzo account or a phone bill? It won’t count for things like Netflix as they are card payments

Yeah I do all just change over my phone bill thanks so much helping me