Keep bigger allowances notification

Hi All,

I received a notifaction providing me with what i need to do to keep my allowances (2 free card deliveries & unlimited free cash withdrawals)

It says to add at least £500 every 35 days and to set up a direct debit.

I receive my salary monthly on monzo and have multiple direct debits. Why does it still say my fees are changing?

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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You need to speak to Monzo.

Go to help, type “contact” and the top result should be “contact us”

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Hey Liam :wave:

You should be able to see why your limits are decreasing in app:

  • Account
  • Manage
  • ATM Allowances

If you feel like there has been a mistake please reach out to in-app chat and they can look into what has happned. They can explain why this is happening or manually fix it for you. :hot_coral_heart: