Don't disable Google/Apple Pay on lost card

Recently lost my card and the app very understandably disabled my physical card. But it also disabled the digital card on my phone, which left me unable to use my Monzo account.

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If I understand this right, you “froze” your card in-app while awaiting for a replacement. This will have also stopped your digital wallet from working.

You could (if you have Apple/Monzo plus) create a virtual card or you can wait for your replacement to arrive.

I don’t think it’s in Monzo’s grasp to allow the card to keep working on digital wallets if it’s frozen.

EDIT: It can be done, but I dont think Monzo supports you doing it currently

You’re still free to make bank transfers so you are still able to use your account, just not make card payments.


It’s perfectly possible. Indeed other banks allow the physical card to be frozen, but still allow the mobile wallet to work. Here’s Starling doing just that:


At the same time as the physical card is frozen/deactivated?

Interesting, I stand corrected.

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Revolut also states if card options are off, wallet will still likely work. Probably due to the security involved.

This is where Monzo are lacking with card controls, they’ve got this brilliant tech stack, but then they can’t at the moment give refined card controls. Even legacy banks give a more granular control of what’s possible.


If you’re a plus/premium user, make a virtual card to workaround this


I’m all for more granular control but if my card is lost/stolen, then I want all card payments to be stopped.

Is this the same when the card is reported lost or stolen?

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No - if I freeze my Starling card then it gets disabled in Apple Pay.

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Then, unless I’m very much mistaken, this isn’t something Monzo have control over.

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You can kind of freeze a physical card with Starling and have it still work in Apple / Google pays, they’ve recently altered how it works though… Obviously if a card is lost and you cancel it, then that’s not freezing it, that’s terminating it.

I think the difference with Starling is, you can instantly add the new one to the pays, or at least I could last month when I totaled my card and ordered a new one.

Edited to add you can kind of freeze it and it still works, you leave the card active, then use the granular controls to switch everything off, other than online wallet option



Anyway, to answer the OP’s question, I dont belive Monzo let you do this currently

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This is what you’d set it to

At some point Starling updated how it works, as you could just freeze the card and it would still work in a wallet

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Starling allows separate controls.

If frozen, as above, likely be able to use still.

But, if said card is lost, hard to gauge if you could still use it whilst the replacement isn’t activated, thus keeping security in play until new card activated.

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Not anymore, I had to correct my post. You could freeze the card in the overall control and still use it on a wallet. But if you use the main freeze card button it doesn’t respect the online wallet setting anymore.

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I don’t have option to freeze it any more, only the controls above unless I’m missing it. Android :man_shrugging:

It’s before you go into card control

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Course it is :joy:

I was looking for freeze. :upside_down_face:


I’m not sure when they changed the whole freeze thing as I’ve not spent on this card for a few months. I know for a fact I always had my card frozen with the online wallet option switched on, and it would just work on my phone to pay.

But nope checked it and as soon as it’s frozen / disabled it just says card suspended in my wallet