Freezing different functions of card

I’ve just had my card details stolen whilst abroad. Thankfully Monzo were able to block a payment and alert me so financially I’ve not been affected.

However, I’ve now frozen the card and have no way of using it.

Would it be possible to set it up so I can block only online payments (the method used by the thieves), but allow me to continue using contactless/pin/ATM’s. Better yet allow me to choose which ones I want enabled and which blocked so I can control it’s spend until I return to the UK.

Obviously appreciate this won’t help me this time around but for future occasions it would be great.



I noticed this morning that halifax has launched freeze card features and has separate options for remote transactions, transactions abroad, and normal chip/pin terminal transactions.

It would definitely be a worthwhile feature in my view

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Being able to freeze all card functions then only unfreeze Apple/Google Pay would be the most useful to me.

If someone loses their card, but still had they’re phone they could continue to use Apple/Google Pay to go about their daily business.

I guess creating the ability to use Apple/Google Pay for a replacement card while waiting for it to arrive would also be a solution.


Can one card be active in multiple digital wallets?

Yes, absolutely.

That would actually quite difficult for them, unless they also have your phone. When you set up Apple Pay, you need to authenticate. Monzo uses SMS authentication, so without your mobile, the thieves couldn’t set it up.


It can, however Monzo is involved every time you add a card, so they could block future provisioning attempts while keeping the already provisioned cards active.

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