Keep getting spam calls lately, I've found this little gem

This is a counter script for marketing. As soon as you get asked a question by these ridiculous companies, you start asking questions back.

I genuinely can’t wait to use this :joy: hope somebody else feels the same.

(if you get so far with it, you even start asking things like “what toothpaste do you recommend”) :joy:



Oh, I love this! Please, someone call me!!!

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Post your number I am sure you’ll start to get calls :slight_smile:

Or just go ahead and signup for some newsletters or do couple of comparison websites searches :smiley:


My strategy is to record all calls and play along with whatever bullshit they’re doing (Fake Name Generator is a great tool) and at the end when they think they’ve sold something or got a lead I just casually ask which company they’re working for, at which point they’re happy to say.

Once I have the company details and the call recording I can get in touch with them directly and invoice them for my time - if they don’t pay up I can escalate it to small claims court as I believe it’s illegal to call personal numbers registered on the TPS list.

Sadly I’ve only ever been able to do this a couple of times - maybe my number is now on some kind of “do not call, I mean REALLY DO NOT call list” because of this. :joy:


This is brilliant. Have you ever actually got any money?

Got a few hundred quid twice. I want more spam calls now :money_with_wings::heart_eyes: