Spam snail-mail to new companies

Today one of the directors of a company a few friends and I have just incorporated got a letter in the post from Tide.

The thing is -

  1. They sent it to the first stated directors on the directors list home address when really they should have sent it to our registered address to “The Director(s)”
  2. We are not over 18 so can not sign up for there services (Not that we’d want to as were waiting for Monzo for Business to open to 16+)

Has anyone else witnessed this before? It seems like a shoddy practice to me

This is the letter that they sent

You’ll get more stuff then this.

Personally I’m ok with it.

I don’t really - It’s a waste of paper. If I wanted there services i’d research and sign up to them myself

Spam should stay in my email and not on my doormat


I’m still ok with businesses advertising themselves and their services.

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As a director of a business you’re going to get inundated with companies trying to get you to sign up to them.
It’s still very common and they all use whatever method they can to get to you. Be it snail mail, email, phone or social media they’ll get to you somehow :wink:


Also, a fair few of the GDPR rules don’t apply to business-to-business. Enjoy your spam!

EDIT: I recall Google sending a case for a Chromebook with a note to call them to discuss Google Cloud Services to get a free Chromebook lol

Expect to get some from accountancy/bookkeeping places, stationers, and/or finance companies. I think once I got one from a web design/build your own site type outfit.

Just had this through the door - At least it came to the registered address this time!

Expect piles and piles of it from accountants and insurers and the like. I always forget it happens and each time I register a new company (every few years I go freelance, before taking on a perm contract, until I get bored again…) and it happens again.

Time to turn this thread in to a dump of what comes through my door.

Feel free to chip in too!

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