Junk phone calls


My parents are receiving lots of nuisance phone calls to their BT landline, in particularly marketing/junk/scam calls.

They’re reasonably savvy so i’m not too worried about that, but the frequency is irritating (maybe 1 or 2 a day).

What’s the best way of tackling this?

They would prefer not to change their number because they’ve had it for decades…

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BT take this quite seriously. I’m not sure how effective they are. I guess it depends on whether the calls are legal or not, but they have info here

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I don’t want to be this guy but…

Could they not just get rid of the home phone? It’s the only guaranteed solution.

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I haven’t checked, but it could be cheaper, too.


They’re old and, for reasons I don’t understand, think landlines are ace.

I suspect the calls aren’t legal because they mostly seem to be from overseas and designed to scam my parents out of their money.

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register with the Telephone Preference Service - it cuts out quite a few UK nuisance calls after the registration period

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I’ve found the best way to be taken off these lists is to simply annoy the scammer…

Yeah, give me a second I’ll look for my documents and every so often flick through some papers by the phone; see how long there stay on the line.

Winds them up and takes time away from them scamming anyone else. :wink:


Does this really work? I imagined that they would be more inclined to schedule you in for even more calls just to annoy you.

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BT call protect will definitely help and the block lists are constantly updated based on patterns so for free it should be a no brainer really :slight_smile:

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All they care about is scamming money, once they know they won’t get any there’s no point in them calling back.