Using Monzo card on a plane

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I am currently in Tenerife, and flown in yesterday. I used my Monzo card on board to pay for drinks/snacks and something from duty free, and noticed the transactions haven’t shown up and the money hasn’t been taken out of my account. Does anyone know if it takes time for this type of transaction to come out of the account (if that makes sense?)? I flew with Jet2 if that’s any help? Just a little confused

Depending on the POS terminal used (offline/online), the transaction won’t show until:

  • If online, it’ll be immediate, as the transaction confirmation will be returned to the terminal and then to Monzo while you’re in the air
  • If offline, it’ll occur soon after the POS terminal has been connected to the ground-based server, upon which time all transactions made while in the air will be submitted for processing. Sometimes this can take several days

I’ve experienced both. The first one usually on transatlantic flights and the second one on euro-holiday flights.


When you pay on a plane at some point after landing the transactions get sent for authorisation - in theory this should be done within a short time (hours) after landing as the longer they take the greater chance the issuing bank will reject the transaction. It should show up within 24-48 hours ideally.

I flew with Jet2 a few weeks ago and in both instances (out and back) I had been charged within 12 hours of landing.


A merchant does have up to 6 years (daft I know) to collect a payment, so be sure to keep those funds you spent either aside or readily available in your account for them to collect.

These payments can put your account into an unauthorised overdraft which may incur additional charges if funds aren’t available.

In reality though, it’ll be within a few days usually.


6 years? Wow that’s crazy

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Fair enough, have passed the 12 hour mark and I know one of their POS terminals was having issues :slight_smile:
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Ah fair enough, thank you :blush:


That’s not quite right tho. A card authorisation lives for 31 days at most (and with certain issuers 7 days). But, if the merchant doesn’t claim the money and the authorisation expires, it doesn’t mean you don’t owe them.

The debt remains, and they have six years to collect it, which is the statutory limit to enforce a debt.

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I will try come back to this, but at work they teach us it’s 6 years from presentment, I’m not talking about payment holds, those are 7-30 days.

Debt collection has a limitation period of 6 years yes but I’m not referring to this either.

This is a payment that has been auth by customer, not collected by merchant, or potentially reversed and then the merchant has up to 6 years to recall the payment as it’s already been authorised by the customer.

Offline transactions fall differently due to no auth being posted in the first instance therefore merchant can collect within reasonable time, but generally this happens within a few days of the payment authorisation by customer.

I was under the impression it was 6 months, and anything after that up to 6 years requires legal action.

Quite possible, I’m not at work for another few days to clarify further.

Any cases I detail on delayed presentment are generally within a few weeks, most certainly within 6 month so I never have to divulge too far.