Flight Integration

(Theo Gregory) #1

I’ve a feeling I read somewhere that Monzo were able to retrieve flight information when booking a flight, and that they planned to use this to present some nice info like flig.

** I’ll say now, I’m not sure that I didn’t just make that all up, and I could be completely blue-skying here. **

To build upon that it would then be neat is if you could check in through the Monzo app, and then have your boarding pass there. Just following on from Monzo’s marketplace idea, having the Monzo app as the centralised place to do lots of magic :star2:

(TWM) #2

Yip, i think monzo should be becoming the google of the financial world.

Search monzo for details of all your financial dealings. :star::star2::star::stars::star2::stars::star::star2::stars::star2::star::sun_with_face::stars::stars::star::star::star2::stars::stars::stars::star2:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #3

You weren’t dreaming:

(Theo Gregory) #4

That’s the ticket! Was searching for it but couldn’t seem to find the beauty