Finding a Previous Card Number (Long Card Number/PAN)

Hi all, seeking some advice.

For context: In December 2019, I booked flights to Canada with a Canadian airline using my Monzo card. The plan was to emigrate in May 2020 but, due to COVID-19, those flights were cancelled and it’s taken the airline until now (over 12 months) to offer me a refund, rather than just credit for future flights. I managed to re-book with another airline and fly in November 2020, so would prefer to be refunded than have to fly with this airline in the next 2 years to effectively get my money back.

My issue is that the airline claims that for anti-fraud purposes, they need me to confirm the card details for the card I used at the time. I have since upgraded to Plus and back again, so I no longer have the physical card with the card details on. I can only see the last 4 digits on email receipts/statements and it doesn’t seem to be stored in any of my browser/phone autofill settings.

The airline is holding firm on only being able to refund me if I provide these details. Monzo support (chat) claim that they do not have access to this data, only the first 6 digits/last 4 digits for security reasons. Does anyone know if there is any other way I can obtain this data? Should I make a more formal (GDPR?) type request to Monzo, or is it likely that they really don’t store this anywhere?

Any help much appreciated!

Hi. Welcome.

Clutching at straws, but it’s not on your Amazon count or anything like that?

Thanks Revels.

Unfortunately not - there are one or two dormant apps I have it listed as the primary payment, but again they only show me the last 4 digits.

Did you ever save your card details with a Google/Chrome or Apple account? If you did you could go to a website and autofill them which would reveal the full number.

Contact Monzo and ask them.

Monzo must have this data. I would go back to them and get it escalated until they get it for you.

Unfortunately not - I think I must have removed/replaced it in autofill settings when I started using the Plus card.

Thanks…as stated above I already used in-app chat support. I was hoping to ascertain whether I had the grounds to escalate, or if it would be a waste of time.

Thanks - I’ll try escalating.

Hmm. As the long pan is a secure number, it would only be held by the bank in an encrypted format.

Whether there is a way for someone to manually decrypt a specific number - not sure. Possible but I wouldn’t bet on it, seems like it would be a security issue to me if that was allowed. Unless someone knows otherwise, I wouldn’t say it was guaranteed they are able to provide you with it.

Sorry. I missed that.

I think the airline is wrong in insisting on you confirming the card number. Consider what would happen if you’d paid using Apple Pay. You wouldn’t have access to the number.

Rather than escalating your request, it might be better to initiate a chargeback. Or do both.