Monzo travel to Hungary

I just returned from Hungary and was impressed overall that I could use contactless almost everywhere,( I’m older user just retired)I have experimented before in Budapest with no problems.
My only disappointment this time on the Wizzair flight over there this time they did not accept Monzo for inflight purchases (their loss not mine) but their website clearly specifies visa and MasterCard.
Is there any reason for this and will there be any attempt to get back on board

The in-flight thing is common. I can’t remember the exact reason, but there’s quite a few posts about it.

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That’ll be their machines not being up to date. You can email to have this looked into.

I usually buy a 3/4/7 day pass available in airport arrivals contactless cost me £11 for 7 days this time thats buses,metro,trams, trolley buses,and boat taxi(still closed due to COVID)
For 7 days x24 service that’s a bargain

It worked ok when I last went just before COVID etc,but I’m not that desperate

Did they tell you they couldn’t take it or you tried and it declined?

Yes they said sorry we don’t accept Monzo,and on the return journey it was announced on the tannoy something like we don’t accept cards like Monzo or Revolute and in their words or any cards like these that you have to “Pre load”
Which I thought was misguided information as surely any high street bank which they do accept surely have to have funds in the account or "pre loaded"anyway.
But like I mentioned everywhere else from small cafe,small supermarket,big supermarket chain, clothing stores absolutely no problems

I think it’s a legacy “issue” from when Monzo was a prepaid card and people would rack up bills and then have no funds to pay them (as it was offline charging in a plane). But it shouldn’t be an issue now.

i thought it was a bit odd as i did use inflight pre pandemic,but like i mentioned it is their loss.

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It will have worked, the crew are wrong.

Pay with Apple Pay in future and don’t show them your phone. It’ll go through.


Thanks for reply but I’m an old guy,i haven’t progressed that far yet🙂

Practice your best sleight of hand and before they know it, you’ve paid and got your hideously expensive treats.

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Put your monzo card in its own card holder and just tap that. It’s what I used to do on easyJet.

Alternatively, start eating the food, and if they refuse payment, thank them for the gift.


Nah, they’re just trained not to accept it.

Someone said to me we don’t accept Revolut - so I said ok and proceeded to use Revolut via Apple Pay

It’s because people try to game it with a £0 balance - they try again about a month later if you do that and it can work, card frozen or not

Trained to accept a card payment?

They are trained not to accept Monzo, the machines can take it.

That’s what I’m confused about.

It’s just a card payment like any other :man_shrugging:t3:

I’ve never taken an Amex payment, doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead and process it.

Chip, pin, off you go.

Didn’t realise there was specific training on taking payments from brands, not generalise as it’s all the same process.

It won’t be new training, but 6 years ago (or whenever Monzo was still a pre-paid card) they’ll have used the card for someone, landed and realised they didn’t have any money and that is lost. So there will have been a training memo or whatever you want to call it, sent to staff to say that Monzo cards are pre-paid and not to accept them.

Cut to present day, they aren’t interested in testing it, they just “know” it’s not allowed and it doesn’t work.

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It’s not any dissimilar to walking into a shop that has told its staff “we don’t accept Amex” and the staff telling you.

The only difference here is they actually do but the staff haven’t been updated to reflect this.


Ah, this makes sense if prepaid couldn’t go into unarranged.